Escapist News Now: Halo, Destiny Composer Fired From Bungie

Halo, Destiny Composer Fired From Bungie

The creators of Halo series and upcoming Destiny made a statement on their website today announcing that Marty O'Donnell, the composer responsible for Halo's award winning scores, has left the company on friendly terms. But, that doesn't sound like it's the case according to O'Donnell.

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So O'Donnell sounds like he was pushed, but Bungie said he jumped?

This is sad news indeed; I'm a huge fan of O'Donnell's work on Halo. Halo 3's soundtrack is possibly one of the greatest in gaming IMO.

That said, I'm not too dissapointed to hear it. Marty's work is intrinsically linked to Halo for me and since Bungie handed Halo over to Microsoft it hasn't quite been the same. I'm absolutely certain he'll find work on other games and it'll be great to see what he brings to a (potentially) completely different sort of project. I'm not sure if I'm interested in Destiny yet but I certainly am interested in this whole O'Donnell/Salvatori/McCartney partnership.

I'm still intrigued to learn what really went on though. It's not like Bungie would say that they fired someone on their official page. Then again, you need pretty good grounds to fire someone so that casts suspicion on O'Donnell's comments too. Curiouser and curiouser.

All in all, this is quite an uninteresting revelation, until we find out more information.

It's just speculation really to side with either side in this one as both are keeping different stories to the reasoning behind the departure.

Now to go agaisnt what I said and speculate on this, it seems like a weird person to 'fire' to me, unless you had due reason to. You can't just oust someone because you don't like them, unless you come to some sort of settlement/agreement for their departure.

And they were in the middle of a project so it only seems damaging for them to lose him, unless they suddenly hated his work 'that' much that they thought there was no alternative than to seek out someone new.

I don't know... we need to know more information really. But I doubt we'll get it.

"but why then would O'Donnell tweet what he did. Now we don't have an answer to that question yet...."

but that won't stop us from speculating, calling it "news" and posting a video about it. Of course we'll put in the title that he was "fired" to make it sound more interesting.

As an avid PlayStation gamer, I nonetheless completed Halo 1 and my most prominent memory is that I fricking adored the soundtrack of that game, as compelling as any I've heard. I know it's a heretical thing to say, but I've never enjoyed listening to Paul McCartney to that degree. Best of luck to the guy.

That's really a shame - O'Donnell's scores are some of the best in gaming. I wonder what happened with him and Bungie, and whether we'll ever really know.

Salvatori's work is fine, but Paul McCartney's involvement sets off alarm bells. All respect (the man was a Beatle, after all), but he is a writer of twee, frothy pop songs - has he ever done scoring of this kind? I don't know what he brings to this project other than his fame.

If my apocalyptic space battles have "Silly Love Songs" playing in the background, I shall be writing a stern letter of complaint.

See he's a composer, so its not like he was fired over creative disputes. Bungie says write something sad for a character death scene and O'Donnell says no, he wants to write an ice cream jingle. That sort of thing just doesn't happen. And I seriously doubt he was costing the company a lot of money. So it had to be something really personal, like he banged the CEO's wife or got a daughter of a VP pregnant. Something absolutely absurd to justify this absurd reaction.


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