8 Time Lords That Didn't Need A Medical Degree

8 Time Lords That Didn't Need A Medical Degree

Today just so happens to be the birthday of one of our favorite Doctors, David Tennant. So for today we are giving you eight of the most memorable doctors in the history of doctoring. Make sure you have your sonic screwdriver at the ready, and hopefully you'll have K-9 at your side.

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No love for the Cosmic Hobo or the Tea Drinker?

Love Doctor Who. Hope Peter Capaldi can do justice to the character.

No love for #7(the best doctor)

OK, this is getting ridiculous, that was just a list of Doctors, and it wasn't even all of them.

My favourite Doctors will always be three and two, with my favourite companion being the Brigadier (even though many say he didn't really fill the traditional "companion role") and I intensely dislike the new series from Eccleston onwards, even though I tried to give them a chance, but I didn't like Tennant or Smith as the Doctor either. I just prefer the classic series in general.


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