Escapist News Now: Watch Dogs Single Player Preview

Watch Dogs Single Player Preview

Andrea speaks to one of the creative directors behind Watch Dogs to learn what we can expect when the game finally launches.

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well, the robot spider looked actually cool and it does sound like a massive sandbox game with many features. still not sure if i should get it. maybe at one stage when its cheaper.

You forgot to ask him if watchdogs is part of the assassin's creed universe because it could very well be, it could be desmond's world (present) minus the animus and memory trip stuff, which I think would be very cool.

Who said only marvel can have continuity, games can too.

There's still the unanswered graphics question. It looks like some of the footage used here was from the overly optimistic 2012 E3 reveal, but there was also new footage from this E3. Then we remember the crappy trailer released earlier this year.

At this point I don't care that graphics aren't the tippy top, I just want to know fully what to expect.

A Spider-robot, and it isn't the wicki-wicki-wicki-wild, wild west?


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