NES Remix 2 Review - Can You Even Remix A Remix?

NES Remix 2 Review - Can You Even Remix A Remix?

Better off with the Virtual Console originals.

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Great review! Mediocre game, though.

Honestly, I'm not interested in the old Nintendo classics, at least non-RPG's. But it's not surprising this game came out, considering how many people enjoyed the last one, and considering that the last Remix was highly regarded by many websites. I guess many were just looking for that nostalgia itch to be scratched, which is not a bad thing. I do like how Jim Sterling's review wasn't even the lowest, according to Metacritic, for the first game. Makes me wonder if the trend will continue; that being that the majority of sites will write glowing reviews for this game.

But personally, I would be intrigued to play Samus in Super Mario Bros.


But personally, I would be intrigued to play Samus in Super Mario Bros.

You can! Look online for the indie Flash game Super Mario Bros. Crossover. Basically SMB1 with a variety of other NES characters. And fun as heck.

The tagline for this game is "Take on A Dozen 8-Bit Nintendo Games!" Because there are so many, the $15 price is split to $1.25 per game's set of challenges and remixes.
But even then, the value is dependent on how much you like those games.
But this time, the selection is much better, and the number of remixes is multiplied.
But they are still NES games with value partially dependent on nostalgia.
But the games are inherently good anyways.
And some people have already played them all or seen enough of them to not find much value in just playing them over again.

My point is, there is a great difference between the value the average person would derive from NES Remix 1 or 2 (estimated quite well by this review) and the value a Nintendo fan would derive. A similar example would be how Bob Chipman probably loved Super Mario 3D World for all of its mechanics adopted from just about every Super Mario game before it (I know I did and still love it after 4 months), but he still gave it an objective, average-person-based score of 4/5 stars.


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