Brick Mansions: Paul Walker Fights Back From The Grave

Brick Mansions: Paul Walker Fights Back From The Grave

The Fast and Furious actor may be gone, but we continue to get movies with him. The latest is a remake of the French film District B13.

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I thought the original was just called 'District 13', the dvd is around my house somewhere.

I knew it was a remake of something...

Anyways, sounds like a surprisingly solid action movie. Might actually see it...

I thought the original was just called 'District 13', the dvd is around my house somewhere.

I think it's more that the original in French is called Banlieue 13, or somesuch. Not sure what the spelling is. Hence B13.

Didn't know this was happening. I like the original - it's fun and solid. Will keep an eye out for this.

I thought the original was just called 'District 13', the dvd is around my house somewhere.

Could the B just come from Banlieue (meaning district in french)?
After some research it seems the original was called "Banlieue 13" which was translated to "District B13".
The sequel "Banlieue 13: Ultimatum" however, was translated to "District 13: Ultimatum", so without the B. Maybe that's what caused the confusion.

In English-language promo, I've seen the original referred to as both "District 13" and (redundantly) "District: B13", but I think the latter has been used more since District 9 came out because marketing people assume audiences are too dumb to realize they're not the same series.

I watched that District 13 movie on TV a few years ago and I seem to remember liking it.
The parkour helped as I do like watching people running around like they couldn't care less about proper pathway etiquette.
Gonna have to rewatch that, and this when it gets stamped on those blue thingies.

i initially thought that District 13 was a direct to DVD sequel of District 12. boy was i wrong, but it was an enjoyable film nonetheless.

You're too kind Bob. Paul Walker was 40. That's quite old to be a young promising star. I'm sure a quick Google search can find many actors that either debuted or had their success later than that; but who would really lay their integrity on the line on the gamble that Paul Walker was on the verge of becoming a master thespian? When it comes to acting, he was as wooded and dense as they come.

I don't know what sort of person he was, I never knew anything about it him, except for the roles he portrayed on the screen. And he portrayed them like a 2x4 plank. Dull, insipid, bland. A man incapable of displaying any sort of believable emotion other than frowning and smiling.

"He had a keen gift for anchoring absurdity for an audience without overwhelming the bigger picture." Please... Sure, the guy has moved on and peace to his family, but let's not make like it was another River Phoenix or James Dean we lost here. The cultural impact of his acting career is but bro-tastic, car porn, movie-cartoons. I think the cultural legacy of future generations won't be that much hampered without his contributions to cinema history.

I love District (B)13 and to a much lesser extent the completely unnecessary sequel, and I look forward to seeing this remake for american audiences with great entusiasm. Nice of them to keep Bell in the film.

I always thought they missed a good chance for some double team fight/parkour scenes in the original with the cop's skills. Pity no chance of that in this remake.
Though i haven't watched the sequel...perhaps something like that could have occured?

I'll be the first to say this it looks like but...

Didn't the people think of something better than the villain trying to hold Detroit for ransom...? I mean, I don't know how it is a little in the future, but there are houses in Detroit selling for as low as $1,000...I uhh... Don't think anyone would of paid that ransom off at all until that nuke was aimed elsewhere...

Hell! I'm sure there's plenty of people willing to PAY people to nuke all the abandoned buildings, be faster knocking them down that way than waiting on it... Though nuclear fallout and the like is always an issue, but then you just convert Detroit into "Fallout: Detroit" and make an attraction out of it. It almost worked for zombies, so I think this can work.

I thought the original was just called 'District 13', the dvd is around my house somewhere.

Yeh, I've been wondering where this "B" came from. it was definitely just District 13 when we rented the film out to watch. So, since the "B" stands for a french word that means district (I'm guessing), anyone called the film District B13 is effectively saying "District District 13". That's annoying, like referring to an "OS System" or "IT Technology".

surprisingly I've actually seen B13. It had a short run on Netflix and i managed to catch it. i remember liking it a lot and being sad when i found out it wasn't available for streaming anymore. If this really is a solid remake almost shot for shot i may see it.

No mention of the rather amusing sequel, District 13: Ultimatum? :p

The trailer makes it look considerably better, thats for sure.

I wouldn´t call the death of a "self-styled adrenaling junkie" who liked racing cars over the speed limit, in a car crash. "shocking"

it was very sad, no mistake, but not shocking at all.

Why is it that whenever a well known person dies everyone suddenly starts talking up what a good person they were, or in this case how much potential they had, regardless of how they seemed to feel about them previously? Don't get me wrong, death is always tragic, regardless of who it is, and I have absolute sympathy for everyone who knew Walker on a personal level. But his death doesn't retroactively change who he was, and frankly I don't recall anyone championing him as a rising star with lots of talent and potential beforehand. He seemed like a decent person (but I wouldn't really know), he undoubtedly had some talent, and that's about all I can really say. It's sad and unfortunate for anyone to die, but I don't exactly think Hollywood was shaken by this, or that his absence will leave a gigantic hole in most of our hearts.

also: Can we talk about this poster? I find myself bothered by how Paul Walker's face is the only one not appropriately angled on the side of the building.

If viewed from directly in front his face would look distorted. Did the person who painted him onto there KNOW it would be viewed from a certain angle and deliberately contort the initial image to compensate, and if so why did he only do it to Paul Walker and not the other two guys? Some of the graffiti down below also looks like it was copy/pasted from a flat surface. Don't even get me started on the splosions, or the fact that 2 of the windows have the exact same broken pane in them. Did the producer hire his 16 year old nephew to make this poster? That's kinda what it looks like.

I hate the revisionist history where Walker is concerned. When he was alive he was considered a shit actor that got a lucky break in the Fast and Furious series. That was all the acting he was good for, everything else he tried he was awful in.As someone above me pointed out- he was 40 years old. So he wasn't the young aspiring actor Bob's trying to make him out to be. We all understand that it was a shame for him to die so young, but let's not act like he's a great actor just because he died in an accident.

This is just another movie that is trying to cash in on Walker's death. "Hey everyone, come see your favorite star for one last time!" It's manipulative and genius at the same time. The dude's dead, so can we move on already? A reality where Paul Walker is considered a good actor is one that I personally don't want to be a part of.


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