Escapist News Now: New Destiny Gameplay Details

New Destiny Gameplay Details

Activision and Bungie revealed new gameplay for their upcoming first person shooter Destiny.

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im gonna wait for the reviews for this one, i really wanna like this, the universe they create gets me excited, except for the gameplay. MMO with weapon fire just doesnt get me excited. i like it when u really need to take time to get to know ur role/job in a game and really have to balance it out with other players. i dont see that happening it here.

Giev PC version. I also want to play a space wizard that shoots space fireballs at space villians!

To be entirely honest, Destiny looks like CoD and Warframe had a kid. Here's hoping it's a nice kid.

You know, a link to the gameplay video probably would have been more informative than this video.

But yeah, Peter Dinklage and that guy from Fringe. Space magic and throwing knives. I may not be as hyped as I was a year ago, but I'm still interested.

Every time I see more info for this game I fall more and more in love with it. Can't freaking wait for Bungie to do it again. When this game is released I will never leave the house for 6 months.


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