Escape to the Movies: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - The Movie That Broke MovieBob

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Is it wrong that I've always wanted Spider-Man to be sold back to Disney? Not "So he can be in the Avengers.", because Spider-Man was always an iffy addition to the team. I want the rights to go to Disney because they'd put out a decent Spider-Man movie. That's what Disney seems to be doing, outside of the bigger Avengers picture, they make the best movie that they can for their super hero and I'd like to look forward to a Spider-Man movie for a change.

On the original topic: is anyone shocked? Anyone? Because I'm just going to say, even though I'm a pessimist, I called this movie being bad as soon as the Amazing Spider-Man came out. When Sony officially released that they weren't proud of their movie and were hoping the next one would be better. That's when I said "Bet you it sucks." So despite The Amazing Spider-Man 2 being predictably awful, what's important here is that I was right.

No, wanting it to be sold to Disney isn't bad, it's the only sensible thing to do. Disney makes best superhero movies in business since 2008 (if you want to ask if I'm implying Iron Man was better than The Dark Knight, I'm not implying, I'm outright stating it).

Ouch. We'll probably see a LOT more Spider Man films for awhile considering how Sony is an utter mess and they need every cent they can get. We'll probably also get a ton of spin-offs just to keep it rolling. Not a good status quo.

Hey Bob, longtime fan of yours buddy. I haven't seen you off the rails like this since probably the Green Lantern review, but shit at least that was funny. I'm really sorry to hear how crappy this movie made you feel. I really, sincerely hope you're playing things up a bit (or maybe down is the right word) to get your point across and you're not seriously considering quitting. I love movies and you've been one of my go-to guys for honest opinions about film for a number of years now. I enjoy your wit and the intelligent and insightful ways you analyze film. Your opinion is important to me and I would see it as a great loss if you abandoned your passion because some shmucks in Hollywood have attempted to secure their bottom line with our childhoods. I think this is us growing up Bob. We just have to let go of that kind of crap. Compartmentalize it, observe it like it was some strange pest that got in our window but we got out the mason jar in time to imprison it and stay in complete control of how the pest would affect us. Not let it be an invasion that chews the house down to its foundations. I think of you as an awesome professor of film Bob. I watch movies differently because of guys like you. I think a lot of people, especially on this site, eagerly wait for your opinion about film before they go and spend their hard-earned money. Anyway, thanks for the review again man. I'm really sorry you're feeling so shitty. I appreciate that you put yourself through this kind of emotional crap on our behalf. Have a good rest of the week brother.

I feel like I should give you a hug...
I'm sorry Bob!

didnt like the first one so i had no expectations that this one as well will be any good. but yet, this movie gets hyped a lot. toys, merchandise of any kind. sure, the kids will love it i guess but im wondering about adults as well.

I felt the same way when Mass Effect 3 ended (to this day I still have problems getting hyped for much of anything for fear of crashing disappointment.) I wish you better respect for your opinion now than we got for ours then.

I'll withhold judgement until I see this for myself, but I don't have much hope. I didn't particularly like any of the Spidy movies to date.

I really wish these movies would fuck off.

P.S. Bob, really looking forward to your S.H.I.E.L.D. review tomorrow.

They gave Harry the same haircut as the villain from the Fifth Element? Did nobody on set SEE that?

I hope this movie bombs. I saw the first one, it was abysmal, more of it and knowing they want to make lots more of it sickens me.

This happened to me with Attack of the Clones (hoping to the Force at the time that TPM was just a misfire) but it made it clear that Lucas wasn't going to get better, or hire some serious talent to do the micromanaging as he did in ESB.

Between Mr. Chipman's remonstrance and Mr. Sterling's censure of Sony (regarding the Vita), it seems that Sony is doing a lot to demonstrate that it really doesn't care about the feelings of its fans, except how it will make them the most money. I suppose this is belaboring the obvious, in that corporations generally are so single-minded. And Sony has never been good at making smart decisions, especially when appealing to fans of its intellectual properties.

Among the many discussions about the disarray that copyright law is in, worldwide (though particularly here in the US, thanks to Hollywood being centralized here), there has been some debate as to whether copyright holders have a responsibility to the public regarding proper care and feeding of their IPs, given that ultimately all content is (intended to be) destined to enter the public domain. It's one thing for someone to make a bad film that pollutes a given property like The Amazing Spider-Man. It's another thing if that creator is the sole right-holder, and no one else is allowed to make Spider-Man content. It may be plausible (at least by my experience with the Star Wars prequels) to say it is sometimes better to have no new content than to have only bad new content. (Granted, not all content that emerged from the prequels was bad.)

While I personally believe the collapse of copyright would do less damage than the way it is currently enforced, I don't expect it to go anywhere, and the topic of responsibility to the public regarding IPs might be a good topic to (re)visit. E.g. Just because there is no legal obligation to enthusiasts of a given property doesn't mean there isn't an actual moral or ethical obligation.

Though I think Spider-Man is trapped in it's own IP purgatory much the same way Star Wars is, I think eventually we'll see good content for both again, but only after their respective owners tire from trying to press box-office sales from the mainstream. Maybe our less lawfully-minded auteurs who can do them justice will go bootleg. It wouldn't be the first time, and it's hard to suppress good art, even if it's criminal. Especially if it's criminal.

All my condolences, Bob.


Bob, I like the vast majority of your reviews. They're normally very accurate and professional. However, I've found that I simply cannot take any of your opinions on super-hero movies at face value. This review in particular was more a monologue about how Spider-Man is ruined forever for you and barely a review on the actual movie. And like the last movie, I fully expect this one to be an okay action flick for its super-hero fighting and less the train wreck you seem desperate to get everyone to believe.

I'm honestly just going to have to stop watching your videos on super-heroes and monster movies after ASM1 (I found it okay), Iron Man 3 (terrible movie, like IM2), The Avengers (overly hyped and not as fantastic as you made it out to be) and Pacific Rim (I thought this was one of the dumber movies I've watched) and now this movie. Granted, I have not seen it yet, but this reaction to it seems entirely unwarranted and your record doesn't really make me think I can entirely believe you. It may not be a good movie, but I sincerely doubt it's as awful as you make it out to be.

I know this is all just your opinion, and I respect that I don't always agree with you on movies that aren't super-heroes or monster movies. But my goodness, these reviews in particular just seem to lack objectivity.

So its terrible like I figured it would be because Sony wants to move too fast in a rather limited world (one continuity dealing with one super hero) and taking the aspects that should be the dual role (the villains) and deciding, "eh, we'll introduce two or three of them and not flesh them out at all really and just save them all for he big end film to tie it all together (except venom because I guess he's marketable? [Though as a side bar I would love hte idea of a Venom/Carnage movie if the people in charge were actually competent])." Gee, shocking. wasn't the entire problem with spiderman 3 basically (and aside from the whole emo peter thing, because this spiderman is going just as bad in the total opposite being a total tool direction) "You're doing too much between the green goblin, sandman, and venom"?

Isn't this going to be DC's problem with the way they're doing the new superman movie and apparently just throwing caution to the wind and making it a justice league movie in all but name?

Oh, and i take it that the green goblin still actually looks terrible.

Kumagawa Misogi:
... (Incredible Hulk) ...

Disney hasn't had anything to do with an incredible hulk movie (at least one that's out I can't say about plans for the future), other than having him show up in the avengers. Anything Hulk related movie wise as a standalone is out of disney's area of blame.

I can't believe Bob broke... I don't even know what to say/think.

This happened to me with Attack of the Clones (hoping to the Force at the time that TPM was just a misfire) but it made it clear that Lucas wasn't going to get better, or hire some serious talent to do the micromanaging as he did in ESB.

Except I have a feeling that (while bad) Lucas still gave a damn about Star Wars. I mean it was his baby. Episode 3 I think made up for it personally. My personal fave out of all 6 films. This however. This is sounding like no one really cares for Spider-man anymore. I bet to Kevin Feige its like watching that child who lives with the abusive parent but has sole custody and you can't do a thing to save them. At least, despite bad costumes, X-men looks like its getting their act together.

That is how I felt about the Micheal Bay transformers. But I still have the original cartoon movie. Remeber that Bob.

I was thinking the exact same thing. Reminds me of how much I enjoyed Transformers until the Bay films set out to kill any love and joy I once had towards the Transformers fictional universe.

I'm with Bob I want to see some stuff start failing. Too many films as cash grabs instead of having some place to go artistically. Instead of how can we make something better it's whatever just give us your money because we ran enough ads to make this film seem culturally relevant.

even Marvel films that some people dislike (Thor, Incredible Hulk) and the ones that I didn't like (Iron Man 2 and 3) still work on a basic level and add to the universe. hell as poor as Spider-Man 3 was...well I was a bit worn out by it all, but I hadn't given up all hope. I just stopped caring after watching Amazing Spider-Man...

Spider-Man and the X-Men are my favorite things when it comes to Marvel. I think it's because of all the 90s TV shows.

The greatest thing about the MCU is that it has gotten a whole new generation of kids obsessed with superheroes. My little cousins run around shouting about Ironman all the time. Which is weird because Ironman was a B ranked hero growing up.

The current roster for the Avengers are gonna be the new TMNTs or Transforms or whatever and I couldn't help but wish the roster would be filled out with more superheroes I liked.

Batman is doing ok, but I'd take Superman, X-men, Wonder Woman, and Spider-Man any day over Thor and Ironman.

god I hope the next X-men movie is as good as First Class.

Lol! Ah you'll learn to live with seeing cthulhuian horrors Bob. So don't worry, they are just inevitable and uncaring creatures whose mere presence can break the mind and spirit of a man if the man can get a glimpse of it. There's a great many of them out there so there'll be more of such horrors in the future.

Captcha: take care

LOL, ah captcha, you little bitch.

Honestly I hated Tobey as Spiderman, and this guy isn't much better. At least he had SOME humor in the first movie (I have not seen this one yet).

I don't have much hope that this one is going to be good either though. What do I love about spiderman?

Well, of all the heroes and comics, spidey had the most humorous outlook on things over all, even when dealing with many very deep and sad topics. Even in his many different alternate comics etc, one of spidermans biggest characteristics was being snarky, or humorous etc.

How is it possible that so many films have been made.....where there is almost no humor, no snide comments, no....FUN.

So yeah, I didn't expect much from this movie...I don't think Bob did either, and I'm surprised that he was really affected so strongly by it. I have given up hope long ago for a good spiderman movie to be honest.

I wish there would be a good one, or better yet, a good spiderman tv series. With all the other super hero tv shows, it would be totally possible to make a good spiderman tv show at this point. But it would need to be like the comics, NOT like the movies so far to work.

This is exactly how JJ Abram's Star Trek movies felt to me.

And now comes the almost all-male, with token black guy new Star Wars, for those who endured the prequel trilogy.

And I fear with absolute certainty the same for the Justice League.

I think that if the superhero bubble is to burst it will be because somehow Marvel couldn't withstand the shockwave of all the others around bombing so hard.

Bob's Bias Against Things Comes Out More: The Review.

How Bob feel about the Amazing Spider-Man series is how I feel about Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy. (Maybe not as dramatic) I sincerely love Batman from the comics, Tim Burton's Batman, and The Animated Series. Then Christopher Nolan made Bruce Wayne a whining quitter and Batman a growling thug with no personality. Don't get me started on his Nolan's weak attempts to try be convey deep messages in his movies. So, you have my sympathy, Bob.

My take on this Spider-Man series so far. I skipped the first movie in the theater, because I was disappointed that Sony didn't give back the movie rights. When I finally did see it, I loved the cast. I wasn't too surprised that the movie was spinning it's wheel with an another origin story.

I'm on the fence on seeing the sequel. I like that there are trying to create a world with this movie. One thing they didn't do a good job with in the first movie. Superhero movies suck when they cram too many villains in one movie. I'm leaning towards seeing on account that this summer movie season sucks until August.

Bob I am just waiting for the moment when you realize that it is not the spider man movies you hate. It is spider man himself that you do not like. You have changed as a critic and your eyes are more analytical but spider man has not changed one iota. He was always a goofy character with bad sequels and adaptations. With the exception of the newest spider man cartoon pretty much all of the TV series have been balls to the wall insane or stupid and that is why I like spider man. He manages to pull off being stupid and entertaining at the same time.

That is how I felt about the Micheal Bay transformers. But I still have the original cartoon movie. Remeber that Bob.


It's true. Bad new stuff does not erase great old stuff. That's my take on the Star Wars EU erasure, and it's my thought on more Amazing Spider-Man sequels.

Though, I'll be honest... this film looks stupid (and silly) enough to be enjoyable. Bob seems broken but it but I feel like I might laugh at it, which is at least a happy fun time in its own right. And also: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 videogame has Carnage and Kingpin and Black Cat in it and looks kind of neat. Might be a palette cleanser?



I, for example, hate Deus Ex: Human Revolution with a passion that could burn houses down, but if you asked me to sit down and give it a formal review I'd say the game is good and give it a score somewhere around 4/5.

This actually piques my curiosity. Care to elaborate?

Just because you hate something doesn't mean you can't look at it as a whole and see how good it is. I don't like CoD or Zelda, but I can understand why people do and analyze it in that respect.

I'd say hatred that can burn houses down is a bit more than "just not my thing." ... though to be fair, I have a rather strong dislike of CoD, myself. Mostly due to some of the less savory elements of the fanbase that I've had the misfortune to deal with, though. I was just curious what it was about DXHR that pushed your buttons.

Wait, the Gentleman? The freaking Gentleman? Wow. If true, I don't know whether to be shocked that the big bad from my favorite piece of Spider Man media ever is actually making it to the big screen, or heavily disappointed that it had to happen in this specific franchise. I need to think about it.

Did they make Jamie Foxx's character a super-sympathetic villain or something?

I just rewatched Spiderman 2 (2004)
What made it GREAT?
It was a story driven by character's choices. Peter CHOSE to be Spiderman. Doc Ock CHOSE to save the world. Their choices were clear, their reasons were clear, their motives were understandable.
unAmazing Spiderman just threw all that goodness into the bin.

Glad Moviebob called this Electro the "Homeless Dr.Manhattan". I thought the same.

For Bob's sake and mine, I /really/ hope Godzilla is good now.

That's a shame. I really liked the film and I love Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man and his funny quips. The end was a little disappointing but apart from that I enjoyed it a lot.

I think after you get Sam Raimi to direct Willem DaFoe, you can't get any better than that. Even if this movie wasn't a money-grabbing crap (which it is), you just couldn't compare to the ORIGINAL Raimi movie. Because yes, Spider-Man 3 really sucked.... but the first Spider-Man movie was perfect. And besides, Tobey Maguire does really look like Peter Parker...Andrew Garfield looks a lot more like a Justin Bieber boyband lookalike.

So, it's better than the first, which were infinitely better than the three before it, then I'd say I'll feel entertained tomorrow when I go see it.
At least they are not completely utterly boring as the first three.


But please, for the love of god, whether he thought it was good or bad, can Bob please not talk about it every other video? Especially when it's barely even relevant? Because that got extremely old last time.

Yeah, don't keep your hopes up.
I'm pretty certain that he's already writing an article/making a video about how SPOILER SPOILER does not work and that we're idiots for thinking it's a good emotional scene. Maybe he'll harp on this for weeks like last time. Am certain he'll push sly "ASM2 SUCKS" in his upcoming videos, for the next few years.
Take my advice. Have a bottle of adequate quality liquor on hand and take a shot everytime he criticizes Amazing Spiderman movies, Nolanverse Batman, Man of Steel, J.J.Abrams, Shia Lebouf this new Justice League Franchise or Michael Bay. Take 2 shots everytime he praises the Marvel Cinematic Universe as cinematic gold.
Do reply if you can come up with more rules for this drinking game.

You want to talk broken to me Moviebob! I've seen God's not Dead, I've seen good movies, bad movies, and just plain horrid movies but nothing will ever break me like God's not Dead. It's one thing to be a cynical cash grab, it's one thing to be a bad cynical cash grab, but being an unapologetic insulting horrid cynical cash grab is something I can't handle. That movie insulted everything I believe in and everything I stand for and you have the nerve to act like a whiny little fanboy just because this movie was so bad it supposedly "broke you". Here's my opinion, if two bad movies based on a teenager who takes one the imagery of a spider and fights crime are all it takes to break you then you don't truly know what it's like to be broken down by a bad film and you shouldn't come at us with your fan-boyish anger just because you're tired of these cynical cash grabs. And you know what else? I'm going to see this movie because if I have to see God's not Dead rake in 24 times it's budget you get to watch Sony laugh it's way to the banks in order to even come 1/100th of how broken I felt watching God's not Dead.

I saw this film, looking forward to it as I really enjoyed the last one. However I hated this one, pacing was bad, the plot was so full of holes, it was boring, I was texting and tweeting in the film whilst laughing at how cliched and bad it was, one of the most awful films I've ever seen and I'm ever more disappointed that Bob because I enjoyed the first one.

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