Escapist News Now: Disney Infinity 2.0 First Look

Disney Infinity 2.0 First Look

Disney revealed their latest installment in the Infinity franchise: 2.0 otherwise known as Marvel Super Heroes.

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I'd be happier if they would fix the fact that half the figures they currently have available can't cross into other playsets, like they promised way back when they first revealed the game!

I've never played the game itself (Though I won't lie and say I've not bought some of the figs) but I really like the character redesigns they did for the game.

I don't know that 2.0 will make me any more likely to pick up th game but...who knows, give me a decent to good Spider-Man xpack and I may be so inclined.

That being said... base it on the Amazing Spider-Man series at your own risk.

Oh, cool! I've been considering getting this game for a while, now I'm both glad I didn't pick up the original recently and excited to get 2.0. It's a few months away, but in the mean time I'll start collecting some of the already available figures. I can almost guarantee the next big upgrade is gonna be Star Wars, but what I really want to see is the Muppets.


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