Examples of Why Kevin Spacey Is Too Good To Be In Call of Duty

Examples of Why Kevin Spacey Is Too Good To Be In Call of Duty

It was just announced that Kevin Spacey will be lending his voice to the next Call of Duty game. To prepare ourselves for this we give you eight great performances by the man himself that prove that he is far better than this.

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I've seen Kevin Spacey in almost all these examples. He really isn't too good for Call of Duty. I'd argue one of the biggest entertainment franchises in the world is too good for him.

I just saw that trailer and I think it's the first time I've seen one of his performances. I'll certainly be on the lookout for him next time I'm flipping through movies. Other impressions:

1) Bob Page is better written.
2) I'm somewhat surprised he didn't have an 88 tattoo on his forehead.

Please, stop feeding this man's ego. It will only get bigger with more teeth.

What? No K-PAX?!!! :'(
Awesome movie, give it a watch! :D

I respect Kevin Spacey just a little less than i did yesterday. :/

No disrespect but sometimes I get the feeling that you deliberately avoid a well deserved - if somewhat obvious - choice, like not mentioning "Mona Lisa' in Bob Hoskin's 8 Films, or "American Beauty" in this very case, and that you do it to get replies.

No one is too good for a fat activision check. And that will never change.

AH! You got me again! Escapist, I know you have to make money on page views but this is the worst type of click bait. It's shallow fluff with an attention getting headline. I am so disappointed. I wish this was an actual article of why one of the best character actors of this generation shouldn't be in a Call of Duty game (a point I don't agree with, but I would like to read that argument). What we got instead is the worst slide show/list I have ever flipped through. Way too low on actual content. Look at Gamerant, Gamesradar, and heck even Kotaku. They will at least offer something at the end of their link that was worth a look. This isn't.

I'd argue he's too good to be in commercials for investment firms too, but there he is regardless, pretending to be a spy living behind a painting of himself in some kind of resort hotel, waiting to pounce on people to congratulate them on being wise enough to use Investment Firm X.

Perhaps I will avoid telling him what to do with his time and just let him make his own career choices.

What? No K-PAX?!!! :'(

Or American Beauty. Instead he showcases the terrible superman reboot.

Im just glad I dont know who this guy is.

I dont understand our cultural obsession with actors/singers. They dont care about us, have no direct impact on our lives, but yet we worship them like crazy.(OMG that famous person has problems Wow who would have known?!)

I dont care about them, I care about the character they are portraying/song they are singing.

Lol I allways rage at credits at the beginning of a movie (I just sat through the previews, now I gotta wait more?!) Especially if its plain boring ass white text on black background, especially if its long or drawn out, and ESpecially if its an old movie (which all movies will become).....And of course they put credits again at the end.

Kevin Spacey... Not as good as Gene Hackman, or Ian Richardson. No where near as good as Ian Richardson. Two poor, poor, examples where Spacey is totally eclipsed by what came before.


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