8 Shows on Netflix That You Should Be Watching

8 Shows on Netflix That You Should Be Watching

Today we give you eight television shows on Netflix that you should watch. Some of these will get you feeling some serious nostalgia, and some will have you cringing. So sit back and add these great shows to your list.

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7 of wich are not available in the UK :( Its a pain keeping track of whats on netflix, lovefilm(now amazon prime) now tv, blinkbox, crunchyroll, wakanim- and thats just the streaming sites i know about and are available legitimetly here, once you throw in HBO go hulu etc that arn't available here the UK is kindof a streaming blackspot, wich sucks since out internet connections can actually handle streaming far better than most of the US.

No fair! Some of those aren't available in Canada! At least I haven't seen the Super Mario Bros. Super Show on my Netflix.

Not to nitpick, but #7 is "Puella Magi Madoka Magica", not Mahou Shoujo... Also, why isn't House of Cards on this list? It IS a Netflix exclusive (outside of box sets)

Apparently there's a lot of stuff I have to watch now. lol

EDIT: So apparently that's the Japanese name for it. Huh. Never knew that.


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