Escapist News Now: Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby Announced!

Ruby and Sapphire are the reason I stopped playing pokemon for a few generations...

And after playing X/Y I think I'm going to stop again.

Not because X/Y were bad... but because I can't collect them all anymore.

:D :D :D

Gen 3 was, in my unpopular opinion, a really good generation despite the massive betrayal that was the gap between the Gameboy Color and Advance cartridges... Despite that bitterness, I had a lot of fun. Maybe they'll do something interesting with Team Aqua/Magma and have some mini-quests sprinkled in!

I'll probably get it. always end up doing that somehow.

Gen 3 was the first gen I actually bought... (It could have been Gen 2, but I rather not talk about it...) I still don't understand why this Gen is so polarized in popularity, but whatever... I'm going to be reliving my nostalgia, hopefully through the lens of the X/Y game mechanics...

Now, who wants to start trending #HailHoenn? Anyone? Anyone?? Noone??? ...Okay...

I'm glad the Internet can stop making "HOENN CONFIRMED" jokes.

So....Works for me. Ruby/Saphire/Emerald is the only Generation not remade since DS generation, and the only one I haven't been able to experience in some capacity; Pokemon from this area can be obsure, if not a pain to obtain (across what, the 3 subsequent generations?).

Also, fingers crossed for remixed Hoenn tracks!

I can't be the only one supremely annoyed at these titles. The legendaries featured in gen 3 were masters of the earth, water, and weather... but the games are named "alpha" and "omega," which are seeping with religious connotation, in addition to meaning "first" and "last."

But the gen 4 legendaries include the master of time, master of space, and literally the God of all pokemon. It seems very out of place that a gen 3 remake would be named alpha and omega compared to how much more fitting that would be in gen 4.

Maybe something got lost in translation somewhere. Nature-themed names would have fit way more than alpha and omega.

The only generation I didn't play at the time (due to school stuff), time to complete my badge collection.

Pokémon: Return of the Trumpets.

Obviously, looking forward to the upgraded music, since Hoenn's soundtrack had some of my favorites. Also, it'll be nice to replay a generation I actually have some nostalgia for, since I missed the Johto remakes due to lack of a DS.

So, since Red and Blue/Green were remade around the time Ruby and Sapphire came out, should we expect Fire Red and Leaf Green remakes for the 3DS?


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