These Classic Sci-Fi Movie Posters Portray A Very Bizarre Future

These Classic Sci-Fi Movie Posters Portray A Very Bizarre Future

Today we give you nine amazingly beautiful science fiction movies of yore. You may remember some from Mystery Science Theater 3000, so be prepared for some practical special effects, and so many people in monster costumes.

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I love how the movies back then were like games today.

"Lookatdeeswomen": The Game.

I wonder if there ever was a work of fiction that accurately predicted the world of today...

Always found the American poster for Mothra hilarious. They make him look so evil (Or is it a her? I forget) when if anything, he's the bloody hero of the picture. Or at least the misunderstood force of nature.

It's hilarious how four out of nine of them had unconscious or terrified ladies being carried by some monster.

This list reads like the opening song in Rocky Horror, most excellent.

Interesting trend of female empowerment used for juxtaposition in these films.

I think I've seen that Barbarella movie. If I'm right she gets put in this "torture" machine that's supposed to pleasure her to death, but she ends up overloading it. >_<

I've had an alarm clock based in that robot in that last poster for, like, 12 years. To turn it off you had to point with and pull the trigger on a laser gun remote, makes me wonder why I'm not using it now.

I didn't know where that robot was from, and what the hell, it produced alcohol in the movie it was in? Weird how my parents gave me this thing when I was about 6 years old.


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