The Big Picture: No No Power Rangers

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I'v been slightly too old (and too English probably) for the whole Transformers, He-Man and G.I. Joe stuff but Power Rangers was totally something I loved as a kid.

I have no idea if a Power Rangers film will go any further than having good, fun and extremely camp action scenes but that's good enough for a film to be worth seeing.

When a bunch of late 90s movies came in, one of the girls I work with in her early 20s got all excited that a copy of the MMPR movie was in the batch. I thought was cute seeing her geek out, but wasn't my cup of tea. I wasn't about to knock someone for it. We all have our nerd out buttons.

I was about 13 or 14 when the first PR series came out, but I have two younger brothers(5 and 7 years younger than me), so they'd watch power rangers when I was baby sitting them after school. Some of it was entertaining, as was cheesy over the top. I watched bits of the series here and there when I'd sometimes when I'd be watching other shows that were on (I was a transformers fan, so I'd still watch beast Wars and other Series), but nothing I went out of my way to watch. Only one I actually followed and thought was pretty good was Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy.(far as power ranger shows go anyways heh.)

As for a new movie coming out, I see no reason it can't exist. Hollywood is out to grab up any older IP and make a line of movies out of it. I am not surprised by this attempt, as it has managed to endure this long. Whether it's good or bad will be judged simply by it's own merits for me. If I see it, will likely be with one of my sisters kids.

Born in 1990, never could get into Power Rangers... not feeling to psyched about the movie.

I'm definitely a fan of the series watched it all the way up to the end of Dino Thunder. Though admittedly that's about as far as I could go with the Disney era considering the prior series had a talking hamster as the mentor, and in all honesty Mesagog was probably the most effectively scary bad guy since lord Zedd at that point...But I digress.

I like both gen stuff though I always worry with hollywoods take on the old nostalgia properties. The only real big worry I have is how seriously the source material will be; They're going to need to take it serious enough with out taking it too serious to actually do it justice. But then it's being Done by lionsgate, so that could work out since they've made a good living of adapting teen/young adult novels for the major part of the decade.

I do wonder will the Green with Evil arc be covered first? or will they just skip straight to having the white ranger?

Zachary Amaranth:

Just to let everyone in the comments know. Don't start asking Linkara when the next History of Power Rangers is coming out.

It's a well-known fact that every time you do, he delays the release. I mean, why else do you think he's withholding them? Because he hasn't made them yet? Ha! He finished the series ages ago!








Gabe Newell is Linkara. It all makes since. History of Power Rangers Episode 3 confirmed!

Go Go Power Rangers, Haters!

I'm curious how they reboot it, they'll either keep it's goofy tone or go stupid Bay-formers on us, with any luck we'll hit the middle.

Disney greenlit a Rescue Rangers movie? Is it going to be animated or CG?

Eh, all this geek bait is more or less the same at this point, no different from The Avengers, Superman, Spider Man, Transformers, whatever. It's empty, meaningless spectacle, sleek and slippery for easy consumption, utterly void of meaning and depth. The only difference I can see is degrees of intellectual offence, from Transformers on the absolute shit end of the spectrum, The Avengers on the other, and all the others flailing somewhere in between. But it's still just product, "art" by committee.

Wait... disney's putting out a rescue rangers movie (maybe)? Hunh... cautiously optimistic.

Anyway, my big thing with powerrangers isnt that I'm going to look down on it, since it is the transformers for the 90s kids and we're supposed to look at GI Joe and transformers as serious attempts at a genre, I just dont know if powerrangers is still that cultural icon. at least here in the west. I feel like a lot of this movie is going to get by on a nostalgia hype market and that it will probably wind up pretty bad. But if it does that might be good since powerrangers has always been about cheesiness.

Having grown up with Power Rangers in my early teens I can safely say that this reboot will be crap, and I don't feel nostalgic to the cheesy property.

Wait there are people EXCITED about a Power Rangers movie? After the last few awful seasons put out by Saban? I'm entirely not hyped mostly because I have no faith it'll come out well. Hopefully I'm wrong, but I just don't see them putting in the time, money, or effort. Maybe partnering with an actual movie studio will get the Saban productions to bother to work and hire actors who can act, but Iunno.

I can't speak to the stuff that came out after RPM (haven't seen it, it's not on network tv anymore), but I enjoyed that one immensely.

OT: I'm cautiously optimistic. Would I prefer if instead of doing this they just ported the Japanese sentai shows and subbed them? Yes, but that's really not something that equivocates. Frankly, if they give us Pacific Rim with bright primary colors, I'll be satisfied.

I think a Power Rangers movie could work out good right now because it runs counter to the dark, "realistic" take on superhero movies we've had for a while now. There is a gap for something that has a little more joy to it.

That said, I think it will be a disaster much like the previous PR movies because, well, Hollywood can only ever pull off camp accidentally.

Think about it, when was the last time you saw a good movie that was attempting camp on purpose?

I honestly didn't think people cared enough about Power Rangers to make it into a new movie. I know there are those fans that just will never let it go, but...honestly, I didn't think anyone else gave a damn. Not even the haters.


Wait there are people EXCITED about a Power Rangers movie? After the last few awful seasons put out by Saban? I'm entirely not hyped mostly because I have no faith it'll come out well. Hopefully I'm wrong, but I just don't see them putting in the time, money, or effort. Maybe partnering with an actual movie studio will get the Saban productions to bother to work and hire actors who can act, but Iunno.

I can't speak to the stuff that came out after RPM (haven't seen it, it's not on network tv anymore), but I enjoyed that one immensely.

OT: I'm cautiously optimistic. Would I prefer if instead of doing this they just ported the Japanese sentai shows and subbed them? Yes, but that's really not something that equivocates. Frankly, if they give us Pacific Rim with bright primary colors, I'll be satisfied.

RPM is easily the series best season. If anything needs to be made into a movie it's that one.

God damn you, Bob, I was snacking on a mini-donut when you did that "Trans4mers" thing. I am sending you the bill for my cleaning!

It still seems bob has this "90s sucked" blind spot, even when he is decrying people for having more of a blind spot. Power-Rangers was no more a toy commercial than He-Man or the Ninja Turtles or especially Transformers. Having the 80s nostalgia on this pedestal (including that infuriating ever blind Nintendo love) covers an important point.

The 90s were just as meaningful in terms of pop culture as the 1980s were, maybe even more so as it became interconnected via the early internet. The reason bob is just as superior and dismissive about the 90s as the people he is attmepting to correct here is because his childhood was over. Look bob, it's a shame you didn't enjoy high-school in the 90s but you're going to have to accept that your version of the 90s is entirely based on you failing to adjust to not being a child anymore (a process that is seemingly still ongoing judging by the spider man-coverage).

Also the episodes about 'nerd persecution complex' attest to this; not all nerds felt persecuted. YOU felt like this but your experience is not universal. It just speaks to a slightly damaged mindset. I think the thing i took most issue with though was your assertion that "If you didn't hate high-school you were the ones making it miserable for everyone else" Some of us enjoyed high-school. I didn't have teenage years that negatively colored by perception the entire decade and made me worship my childhood.

All of this makes you and some of your generation pretty unreliable sources of criticism. It seems that they have become irrelevant at an even faster rate than the old-guard of media criticism. In just the space of a generation gap of a decade it seems they can't see their own massive lack of subjectivity.

What I find surprising about my perspective on this is that, not long ago, I would've been psyched. I had even thought if they couldn't do the PR franchise itself they could do a Tarantino/DelToro style homage using the familiar trappings to give insight and commentary to the storytelling structure and eventually build their own mythology. Thing is, modern hero stories, especially ones about kids and violence, skew towards darker and more dramatic - someone would rebel against their calling; a loved one would die; blood, sweat, rage, screaming, etc. I can't say I'd be 100% happy if this went back to its camp roots - looking back on the old episodes reveals how ungodly cornball the non-action stuff is - but I think we as a culture are starting to turn against "grim n' gritty," hence the eye-rolling at what is most likely going to be another "mature" series.

First off nice episode and I have to more or less agree, i don't think it'll work really but i'm not annoyed by the idea of a power rangers reboot.

secondly, I have to say, Don't you dare show us footage of days of future past while talking about the movies comic book fans "always wanted to see." the x-men movies are an affront to everyone who's ever picked up a comic book and they're very existence is an insult to people who love the x-men. these piece of shit movies exist solely to feature hugh jackman naked and give him the name of a comic book character that has absolutely nothing to do with the on screen persona. so while they make even more "x-men" movies where hugh jackman does everything and a few well known mutants get to stand around in the background I grow more and more disgusted by them. these movies offend me as much as the star wars prequels offend die hard star wars fans, only there are 5 of them with more on the way. I as an x-men fan have accepted i will never get the version of my favorite superheroes I deserve and everyone walks around like that's ok and these movies are shitty as hell but "kind of fun" so lets keep going to see them so they keep making money and wolverine the single most self involved mutant in the history of comics can be portrayed as the savior of the mutant race because he's only murdered more people than the plague but hey he's a popular angsty manchild so lets make everything about him.

but yeah, power rangers i think will be interesting if nothing else, i was a fan as a kid but any potential nerd rage i might have had has long since disapated, i mean they've had SUV zords already. even micheal bay couldn't do damage to this franchise. but I've always said if you're a huge fan of something then i want the movie that pleases you most.

I was a 90s kid. I hated the Power Rangers, and I still do.
Therefore by default I am not keen on the movie. Then again, I am not being forced to see it.
I was forced to see Batman Begins and it was torturous.

"a series concieved to sell toys created from a series concieved to sell toys". Which is where I knew you were full of shit on tokusatsu. For the record, I'm sure you do watch it. The modern post-2000 crap(exceptions aside, like gekiranger and go-busters.) Did the older, good shows sell toys? Yup. Guess what else did. Batman:the animated series. That was one shitty show huh? Oh wait.

Any entertainment created for children will sell toys as a aside. Star wars did. Does that mean the movies/shows/comics/whatever have to be garbage? Nope. I have no issues saying that, for example, gosei sentai dairanger is better than anything saban ever shit out. Funny thing is despite the fact that he is a hack in every sense of the word, I don't hate haim saban. He's just doing what he's done from day one in his career and it's not a big surprise. Who I do hate is the modern toei and what they have done to both sentai and kamen rider in japan. Shotaro Ishinomori would be rolling in his grave. Like the people who made batman TAS he actually gave a fuck about something "for kids" still being good while selling toys at the same time. Hell, I don't care for it, but we can put the modern marvel movies there too. Haim saban was no different than the hacks who made shit like transformers G1 and heman. Toei? Even if they were fine with it from day one, I guess I(perhaps foolish) did except better from them. I know that they love power rangers and it is there international face for the franchise, I don't have a problem with that. However, the modern shows might as well be just stock footage for power rangers. They are garabage, with terrible writing and stunt work, and the franchise is not what it used to be.

PS-linkara can kiss my ass. I don't care if he like power rangers more or not, but saying stupid shit like "sentai is the ripoff of power rangers because... my nostalgia!!", with his yes-men defending him, makes me want to hurl.

Speaking as a Millennial (as much as I dislike that term, how come our generation name isn't as cool as "Generation X"? my reaction was exactly what Bob said it was when he discussed the various reactions at the beginning of this video. I can't wait to see this movie.

I don't really see any way that the Power Rangers reboot can be good. I mean, the sheer amount of self-awareness that the series had isn't really something that's going to translate well into a summer blockbuster movie, and making it less self aware just emphasizes that the original series wasn't that great.

Recently I bought the first season of mighty morphin power rangers (Because it was $20) and started to watch it in my free time. I honestly chortled to myself at how low its budget was for such a big-name property, even after the money MUST have been pouring in from the toy sales, it still kept true to its low-budget, toy-pushing roots.

While intoxicated the show was an absolute riot, with many moments when I giant robot reached into the clouds, retrieved a sword, and then, instead of having a sword battle, lifted the sword over its head and showered a densely populated city with laser lights and explosions.

So I really don't see how this is something that we should be bringing to the big screen in the 2010's. I imagine that a straight-to-DVD/Netflix option would be amazingly successful with the "ironic" crowd, but I don't see how it would translate for a big-budget summer action film.

I don't think it's cut down generational lines. Personally there are several lines being drawn, and it's mostly played out like Subbed vs Dubbed war, and Anti4Kids. There really isn't a great track record for Americanizations of Japanese material. For every Robotech there is a Macross, and ever Zilla there is a Godzilla.

We really only have two results from all of this, and that it's ether going to be Good, or it's going to be Bad. But in this case Bad is Godzilla 1998 Bad. Not bad as in cheesy or corny, but bad in that it was Godzilla in name only. A Power Rangers Reboot has the chance of being Power Rangers in Name Only. Which has pro Dub, pro Sub, and Anti4Kids concerned. Many are excited, but others know the track record. While the American Media industry sees Power Rangers as kids only material we can expect to still see cigarettes becoming lollipops, and flat chested men claiming to be women despite the original scripts. And as such being Kids material doesn't have a good track record for theaters ether. As long as it's shuffled into the Saturday Morning Kids shows it has a chance of continuing. Beyond that there hasn't been much hope outside of very limited releases, and will probably continue to do so.

Abandon all hope. It will only lead to disappointment, and gnashing of the teeth.

You raise a fair point, but I'm a Millennial who's rolling his eyes at this nonetheless. Even as a kid, I could see that Power Rangers was meant to promote toys more than anything else. Granted, I WANTED the toys because they were awesome-looking, but the show just seemed pointless to me. I might've thought better of the show if it had more of those hand-to-hand fight scenes that you showed in this video and not nearly as much over-emphatic gesturing and out-of-costume scenes.

I like the potential a power rangers movie could have. Consider for example, Pacific Rim. Big mechs fighting big monsters. Add some ground combat and over the top villains and...well how could that not be awesome?? I guess it ultimately depends on who the target audience is, will it be the kids who watch it now, or will it be the fans who grew up with it? I mean I'm trying to keep my hopes in check because there's a good chance it might simply get Bay-ified and end up being crap...but the potential is there.
I'd say give Power Rangers to someone like Sam Raimi, Guillermo Del Toro, or Joss Whedon and you have a recipe for success.

Pretty much the only toys I liked as a kid, besides Lego (no plural needed, please, I'm British), were the Power Rangers megazord sets. God damn I fucking loved those things, especially when you could mix and match between sets, that was awesome. Probably one of the few things from my childhood that hasn't been spoiled as I've grown up. I do have perspective however, and if this reboot allows a whole new generation (Z?) to enjoy the same things I did, then I'm all for it. I fondly remember seeing the original '90s Rangers movie and being absolutely psyched for it, here's to the future.

I grew up on Power Rangers, it's a series that was on when I was really young and I probably watched it until I was way older than I was meant to be. I won't say I'm looking forwards to this film since the first two movies are both kind of terrible, but I want to try to go into this film being cautiously optimistic.

Just to correct Bob on one thing.
Batman and The Avengers ect, aren't 80's properties(someone mind explaining to me why Bob calls it Generation X? I'm guessing it's just because it sounds cool), they were popular before that, and they are still popular now. Trying to tie down a character like Captain America or Batman to a singe generation just doesn't work, they are characters that are timeless ad are enjoyed by everyone, not just a certain generation.

Also can I laugh a bit at the guys who are criticising the existence of this movie and insult power rangers as a shallow attempt to sell toys, while considering Transformers or GI Joe amazing shows from their childhood.

By the way I'm genuinely usure, being a Brit rather than an American, as to whether I fall into the Millennials or our very own Gen X. I was born 1988 but seem to have a lot more in common with most gen-Xers. Perhaps I'm some sort of cross-generational freak.

Shall we do the time warp again?

I roll my eyes a bit. I'm old, and I don't get it. Just like I don't get Dragon Ball. It all seems too rudimentary and low-brow. If my son had ever been into them I'd probably have an appreciation for them.

That being said, I think it's culturally cool. It's pretty neat that we don't have to put away our childish things. At least it is pretty neat as long as it doesn't prevent us from also appreciating things that are more sophisticated and/or high quality.

I hope it fulfills the dreams of those who care, and that it gives the rest of us something to snark about. Hopefully without wrecking the dreams of those who care.



80's 90's cartoons and childrens shows suck. All of them. (Except Gargoyles)

Just wait until people are selling the kids nowadays their nostalgia back. Then we're going to get some awesome films. Kim Possible is going to rock the world so hard the GI Joe films go away and cry themselves to sleep, asking why their entire existence was so pointless and forgettable.

Not quite all (Batman the Animated Series, Gargoyles and Mighty Max are all pretty good) but I would have to agree that a large majority are not worth remembering. I have no idea what the big kids shows of the last decade are but they had to have been better then the crap that was made in the 90s.

Oh I did forget about Batman TAS. That's another plus.

But compared to Spectacular Spiderman, My Little Pony, Adventure Time, Gravity Falls... I think someone at some point in the 2000's decided that kids were actually pretty smart. And Batman TAS went on to have Justice League, Justice League Unlimited and all the really good Batman shows in the 2000's too.

Even when I was a kid not much attracted me as it happened. He-Man was the worst thing ever. I cringed at the Power Rangers and I was eight. Pokemon was good at the time, but trying to watch it again out of curiosity was painful. Powerpuff Girls might actually have been good? But it turns out that was 1998-2004 so it's basically millennial.

Maybe I'm actually more of a 2000's kid than a 90's one, I was still 9 at the millenium, but an adult now watching My Little Pony seems more understandable to me than an adult watching most of the 90's stuff.

Animaniacs, Dexter's Lab, Power Puff Girls, Ed, Edd, n Eddy, the entire fucking Disney Renaissance, Rugrats, Doug, Recess... The 90's were pretty great for cartoons. And Pokemon was completely ridiculous. I have no idea how you could not stand Power Rangers but could deal with that. I remember all of those things and I was just 7 at the millenium. You really don't have an excuse for ignoring them. I'm not saying that the 2000's had nothing but terrible cartoons (though I question your specifying of Kim Possible), but the 90's definitely were far from terrible.

I'm 25 (almost 26) and I loved this show as a kid, even on my early teenage years, I still watched this on the early 2000's, but it just became formulaic and repetitive (yeah, so says the guy who likes to grind in videogames) and I simply stopped watching it, but that first season intro brings me LOTS of nostalgic feels.

I definitely wouldn't watch it again, pretty much because if you watch a few episodes, you've pretty much watched the entire thing. So yeah, I'll give it the benefit of the doubt, let's see how this turns out, if it's good, then kudos!, if not, then meh, no harm was done.

I'm very confused. Is this guy calling us hypocrites if we like Batman but think a Power Rangers movie is going to be terrible?


It has nothing to do with being from a different age group. It has everything to do with the source material for both sets of characters being vastly different in quality.

I really liked Power Rangers as a kid but I also really liked the Gen X stuff like Transformers and Xmen and all that.. probably because I'm awkwardly in between generations, not really old enough for Gen X, but not really young enough for Millennial. I was excited (and then disappointed) by Transformers movies, I love the comic book based movies, but I could care less about a Power Rangers movie.

I'm in the same place basically, I think I'm technically a millennial just barely but I grew up with a father who was more than happy to introduce me to older cartoons and comics. I had this weird obsession with toys and tv shows that were usually a minimum of five years into syndication and thus came on sporadically and the toys were usually only in comic shops, it was a tough childhood, haha.

Except X-Men (the show, not the comics), which was definitely a 90's thing and thus under the millennial banner if I'm correct.

Reasons its not going to work:
1. Its not popular with today's children... At all. I work in a retail store and i walk the toy isle & and have always notice that the PR toys dont sell as well as say the MonsterHigh or Marvel super heroes.

2. Most of the childhood fans like me for instance have moved on or just dont care anymore. I see the show as a silly thing i enjoyed as a kid kind of like the Twilight series and prepubescent girls. Yes, I am comparing Twilight to MMPR and i mean that. Kids like Call Of Duty & twerking to shiddy music.

3. The one time they needed Micheal Bay and instead they will be using the production company who brought us the Twilight series... Because thats who i want to make strong female characters and non psychopathic male figures.

I lost my nostalgia goggles years ago and on watching the re-release a few years back... Its just utter crap, writing, the fighting, the battles, some of the more heinous actions of the producers with their own talent. Oh, and that whole Saban committing that act of espionage on US soil... also hes a bit of a right-winger so we might end up seeing some Nolan undertones crap again. Bet money the monster of the film is some gay-cross dressing-ethnic whose trying to invade the US and replace its workforce with its workaholic minions who just cant stop reproducing, use its shape shifting agents who infiltrated the entertainment industry trying to brainwash the populace into sharing its wealth, mad doctors who harvest the organs and steal fetuses to pro lounge their race's existence, and have an army of smelly trolls hacking and spreading misinformation all over the internet... And they ultimately serve their master Overlord Obamaisatan

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