The Big Picture: No No Power Rangers

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A Power Rangers movie would suck.

A Dynaman movie would be awesome.

I loved power rangers as a kid.. i remember racing home every day after a day of annoying school to watch the power rangers.. it was one of my favorite shows for years.. i watched it from the first episode of Mighty Morphin to the last episode of Lost Galaxy and I loved all of it.. the original film was good too.. as fora reboot? i don't know.. as long as retains the humor while still being serious like the original series did.. maybe it will work. They need Bulk,Skull,Ernie, Alpha 5, Zordon,the command center, and Rita Repulsa.. and maybe have a cameo of Lord Zed, post-credits as a tease for a sequel.

Bottom line as long as they have these elements and make it as good as the original series..


..and the first movie...


..then it might do ok.

I was a huge Power Rangers fan as a kid, but I'm not the least bit nostalgic for it.

Good points. Though I've never been a fan of Power Rangers (I was already a Godzilla fan when it hit and it struck even my 1st grader mind as a particularly cheap knockoff) I don't judge people who are. Hope they enjoy the new movie.

As a Rescue Rangers fan though I do roll my eyes thinking about how they'll all look in CGI next to real people though. I hope this gets Disney to finally release the rest of the series.

Wasn't it funny in the original series that the yellow ranger was a girl, Trini, but the actor wearing the costume was actually a guy? And wasn't it also weird that the actors ethnicity reflected their suit color? (yellow ranger was asian, black ranger was black, etc...) Maybe the show was painfully bad, but I do enjoy squirming in the discomfort of these cheese-laden productions. Can't wait to see it! It's okay to admit you like Power Rangers, Bob.

Iīm just confused that people still care about Power Rangers, i remember that from third grade but have since moved on and i havenīt given it much thought since. Itīs like Reboot or Captain America, i remember it, i liked it back then but i donīt think i would care if they brought it back. I just hope this new movie is mainly geared towards a new generation of children and not the people that remembered it, it just wouldnīt make much sense to try and update it for a grown-up audience.

Itīs just a bit too late, i might have cared in 1994, but thatīs a long time ago. I might be getting old and grumpy but i kinda wish that Hollywood would change gears a little bit, i donīt mind all these "nerd" movies, but i just wish we could get more action movies that are simpler and a bit more grounded in reality. Iīm getting a bit burned out on all these high-concept action movies with overcomplicated plotlines and people in silly costumes. You just know that it might be time to take a step back and reevaluate things when you consider bringing Captain Planet and Power Rangers back from the grave^^.

*spits out his drink* They're making a reboot movie of the original power rangers?!

How did I not hear about this?! :o

Well, if it turns out even halfway decent, I'm going to go watch it. I loved the HELL out of the Power Rangers as a kid. I even found way to watch it when my parents decided to block the channel I used to watch them on for a while due to the whole "wah it teeches kids violence!" moral panic at the time.

And honestly, I think the original premise was much better than most of the new ones. I liked how the heroes had to juggle school and social lives alongside saving the world. Although I think the later seasons when they had both Zed and Rita working together were the best ones. :P They had some AMAZING banter. XD

I still watched the first few seasons of the American version, but PR still sucked back when I was a kid.

That Rescue Rangers thing though, that sounds awesome. Oh, Gadget, smartest, hottest mouse ever.

And Gargoyles please, while Keith David and Salli Richardson-Whitfield and Jonathan Frakes are still alive.

I was a giant Power Rangers fan in the mid-nineties (just like every 5-10 year old kid!), but I have absolutely zero faith in this movie being watchable, much less good.

I fully realize that even the first few seasons were insanely campy and cheesy, but I watched a semi-modern episode a few months back and I think I had a aneurysm from the terrible acting. It's REALLY, REALLY bad these days.

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