Stolen Pixels #58: Xenoeroticism

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I think there are women on the citadel, but given how the other asari will make it with men or women I doubt that helps

I've said it before and I'll say it again...

I'm gonna make a game where all of the heroes are women over the age of 55, who have gray hair, and can kick ass.

They'll be adored and fawned over by young men with bare chests and rippling biceps.

It's only fair...


I would play that. I love these crazy fantasy games

HAHA best laugh in 10 minutes

if you do the side quest for the asari consort, and choose the renegade "is that all?" choice for the payment, she will have sex with shepard
for those people who want to try it.
found it out at gamebanshee website, mass effect walkthrough (i was trying to find all the keepers and i didn't feel like searching the entire citadel.)

That explains why I didn't like Mass Effect! If I have sex with an alien, I want it to be WEIRD.

Like tentacles-are-so-vanilla weird.


this is exactly what i thought when i first saw her....

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