Jimquisition: Watch Dogs - Five Collector's Editions For One Game? What? F*$%ing WHAT?

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Hey...put that damn content back into the game! Bollocks to pre order incentives, isnt buying the game on release good enough to give you the full game?!
Are we really powerless to change this bullcrap? It saddens me to think that the teen and pre-teen (depressingly some of the adult) market just dont see this as a bad thing. They will just go with what the hype demands of them.

Zachary Amaranth:

Casual Shinji:
Thank God for not caring about Collectors Editions, Special Editions, or What-have-you Editions. Their impractically large boxes and kitschy statues are apparently the reason I should pay more money. Well, joke's on you, industry.

The thing that bugs me is that you're seeing additional in-game content, like missions and story material, in sets like this. I don't care much about plastic crap that comes with the games, but when I see a bunch of missions offered as DLC, I can't help but wonder how much longer the game would be if it weren't diced up for pre-orders.

Not that I have a lot of experience with pre-order bonus missions, but these usually seem like tacked on extra content for the sake of getting people to pre-order. This certainly seemed the case with Assassin's Creed 4. I don't think I ever played a game thinking 'Hmm, something's missing here...' only to find out later that there was extra content only available by pre-ordering that would've made the game experience feel more complete.

The only special/collectors edition I ever bought was Dark Souls, and that was because those were the only copies they had left and were priced the same as the regular version. And it just had a little art book and the soundtrack on CD. Anyway, that being the only one, I never felt like I was missing out on actual game content by not pre-ordering.

Maybe there have been games where single-player/story content was locked away at the admission of pre-ordering, but I (thankfully) have never come across them. DLC generally pissed me off more in that respect. The Mass Effect games specifically.

I cannot become upset about this.
It's stupid to have all that DLC spread out over 5 different special editions, but most likely none of that DLC will be anything special, let alone essential, and it all just boils down to the base game being sucky or not.

Waiting for that inevitable GOTY version at a discount is also a fine idea.

My reaction when first hearing about this was:

"What? Are they out of their fucking minds!?"

But this is pretty close.

I never had any interest in Watch Dogs to begin with, it looked like another Titanfall situation (by which I mean the game gets loads of publicity, is pretty much decided it'll be a hit by the developers before release, gets released, then everything goes quiet and no one ever mentions it again), but this?

This is the worst possible way to sell anything. Imagine if a book was sold with 5 different versions, each telling a slightly different story. No one would buy that. No one would know what the real version is. What if a movie was made this way, where every version was using different colour correction, aspect ratio, and accents by the characters? That would never sell, it would just annoy people.

What really pisses me off is that EA and Ubisoft are called "industry leaders", by which they must mean "the guys leading the industry into a brick wall".

I'll see you in 2 years Watchdogs if I even see you at all.

I heard it required Steam, that completely killed my hype.

I heard it required Uplay, on top of another already unnecessary DRM "service" and I wasn't interested in it anymore

Now I hear this and I'm just laughing out loud at the sheer stupidity.

Great job Ubisoft you ruined something that looked like one of the coolest games ever.

I'm kinda curious how Jim feels about the Wolfenstein collectors edition. Personally I kinda like the concept. Having the game separate and those who want the extra "doodads" can order them separate before the game's out. I can see how this can get abused for sure as those who want the collectors stuff might end up paying way above and beyond for it now and have to pay for shipping but, I do like how it's a neat and extensive bundle of physical items that don't hold any of the content of the game at bay. That's why I've always liked Bethesda's collectors editions, more so the Fallout ones as compared to Skyrims but, again just having cool tangible things like the bobble-head and lunchbox for Fallout 3 or the comic book and playing cards for New Vegas. They are neat and a nice extra for fans.

I've mentioned this in another thread but, I still think the most interesting way to do collectors editions is XCOM Enemy Unknown's PC physical copy where the actual physical retail version was only a collectors edition with some small bonuses like a patch and art book while the digital version was just the game. This actually creates incentive to buy the physical version as it makes wasting the resources on the CD and box, etc... more worthwhile than debating between a CD or download.

Either way liked the episode today and completely agree with Jim, I like the concept of collectors editions at it's core (obviously) but, with everything with this industry it's getting twisted and way out of hand

Where can I see this spreadsheet? I know Jim showed it i the video, but I want to be able to see the thing in its full glory.

http://images.eurogamer.net/2014/usgamer/xkwxuua59ymp7bnqcbce.jpg <-- There it is.

Some marketing advice for Ubisoft: If you're going to need a spreadsheet to tell apart your editions, then bloody hell at least have it more green than red.

It's bad enough that exists, it's worse that you looking at it gives the impressions of what don't I get with my special edition. It's just one big sea of red.

Mr. Q:
When the next market crash of the games industry comes, I can only hope that the golden parachutes of these corporate douche-bags will be filled with either dirty laundry, silverware, or an anvil. -_-

It won't, naturally. When the inevitable crash comes the Executives will be fine. It will be the middle managers down to the front line folks who bear the brunt of the crash from the loss of income and literal industry to being the ones who will be blamed for the crash by the media. Which will be full of the Executives, who transfer from one industry to another.

People used to say "Get a government job - you're set for life." These days get yourself an Executive position and watch as you're set for life in a far, far far more lucrative way.

I'm excited for Watch_Dogs, don't get me wrong, but I will NOT fall for the "pick-a-special-edition" shell game. I accepts Assassin's Creed doing that because it's an established franchise by now, but I only preordered the game by itself from Gamestop. I don't need no fancy do-dads that aren't IN the game too.

Only 5 collector editions?

I don't even consider a game worth of attention unless it has at least 8 *pompous laugh*

And the saddest thing of all is there will be one place where you can get ALL the bonus content in one.... piracy!

Kinda pathetic that the people who aren't even paying for it are getting the better more complete version of something.

This. This so hard.

Now to explain where I'm coming from I almost exclusively buy collectors editions. I really really enjoy getting all the extra fiddly bits and knowing I got the whole package as it were. Indeed I would say I'm a bit of a connoisseur of collectors editions. However in recent years the divvying up of content and the releasing of "definitive editions" has made me very very sad, to the point that I feel that all my shiny toys aren't actually worth the initial asking price.

Consequently I have oft considered whether or not I should pirate my games for their digital content instead, and waiting for the industry to get their heads out their asses with this issue. What's more is that the collectors editions are becoming very very samey in recent times. steel game box, figurine, art book, special big box, soundtrack and DLC, are all very standard and very boring. Which gives me less and less reason to invest in them. very few collectors edition games nowadays are truly unique and, by extension, worth my time and money


Where can I see this spreadsheet? I know Jim showed it i the video, but I want to be able to see the thing in its full glory.

http://images.eurogamer.net/2014/usgamer/xkwxuua59ymp7bnqcbce.jpg <-- There it is.

Thanks. I like how it is the regions outside of the US that can get the Watch_Dogs map of Chicago. I guess that means it is not an accurate map of the city since if people in the US did get it, they would take it, go to Chicago and find out everything is wrong.

To comment on the special Arkham Knight Edition thingies, I don't think I've even seen any gameplay or any sort of idea what it's supposed to be like. How can I decided what to buy if I don't know what it's like?

And this is why I don't buy Collectors editions. they are never worth it. Ok maybe sometimes they are but not In my experience.

I'm kinda curious how Jim feels about the Wolfenstein collectors edition. Personally I kinda like the concept.

I think I can answer that one. Jim said in the video that he liked the DLC part, at the beginning he understands why there would be a special edition for games that have a known reputation. And foremost there is only 1 collectors edition of the entire game. And also, the Panzerhund edition does not even contain DLC, only goodies (thank you Bethesda, you know how the market works, well sort of).

So I think Jim would be on board with this. But then again, I'm not Jim. :)

Ehrm, I am reading that there is no game in the collectors edition of W:NWO.
I stand corrected, I don't think Jim would like this at all, well... not me at least.

Agreed, all special editions are a total waste of money. I'm interested in Watch Dogs but this is beginning to put me off. I guess I'll just wait a year or so and buy the "Game of the Year Edition" if it does well or pick it up super cheap otherwise.

While I realise that is not anything solid to go by but Watchdogs on CD Key sites is currently selling for less than half retail price, previous times this has happened its not a good sign. Its generally a sign that the game sucks.

I personally hope this game is a good game but with this and other bad omens on the horizon I will not be pre-odering nor buying any of the collectors editions and I'm waiting for the reviews.

If the reviews are good I'll feel a bit shafted that I didn't get the pre-order bonus so I wont want to pay full price (£55) so I'll probably wait for it to come to a more manageable discount £20-£30 before I'll buy it.

I'm not fussed with multi-player so I'm not missing out on that so its basically a single player experience for me which will be as good on launch day as it will in a years time when its in the bargain bin or given away for free on PS Plus or Games with Gold (or nearly for free on a steam sale)

I'll probably get a warning for this but, WTF is garme?!? It's not a typo cause R on a keyboard is no where near A or M. It's not lolcat spelling cause there isn't any 'err' sound in game.

Say what? Who in the world thought this was a good idea?

"Hey! Here is something you have never tried, what do you want in it?"

But seriously now... we have games that gives us choices in the beginning, we have not played the game before so we have no idea what "adventuring" actually does for the experience as a whole.
Thing is, if you figure out that you can't experience a part of the game because you din't pick lockpick it's fine, because you can start over, you don't have to buy a different game and possibly on a different platform.

Also, been trying to figure out what I would have to get to get everything...
So, for PC I would need to get
- Dedsec edit
- Vigilante edit
- Gold or Season pass
- Digital or Deluxe edit

Did I get that right?

Also this made me think about this bit with Barry Schwartz on TED talks.

The part from about 10:45 to about 14:20 sort of nails how I feel about all this.

The games industry. Offering people choice. Just like the Nazi's did to Sophie.

As someone absolutely correctly pointed out above, there are 2 ways to get all the content. Spend £200-300 on several versions of an unproven game from various retailers, or pirate it. For free. Call me a professional sociologist if you must but that doesn't really look like a choice a lot of people are gonna struggle with.

May the anti-Hype continue!

I will no longer pre-order games or get collectors editions. (SC2 Legacy of the Void being the only exception)

Time to see if the game is all its cracked up to be. Going to see what all the critics say before i even think about buying this game.

Well said, Jim. That's the problem with the US, people keep thinking "business comes first!" and think "government is always the problem!" and ya... I'm gonna just copy and paste my post against a conservative idiot. It should have the major points made

That's wrong, there would still be an issue. History shows us that corporations can get big enough where they can abuse the people on their own without government. Government is not all bad, there is good to it, but it has been corrupted. Sure in some ways, I agree, it's too big, in others, it's not.

And free markets, again, are a terrible thing. People keep thinking free markets are truly great and will solve all problems, we had a more free market in the late 1800s, there were less regulations and almost no government intervention (and what there was, was usually government having been bought out by corporations to squelch worker strikes, but even without them, corporations did fine).

You know what a truly free market brings you?

Child Labor
No Weekends
No Holidays/Vacations
Low Wages
No worker safety
No Food/water safety/regulations
No anti-pollution laws.

A truly free market, remember, means ABSOLUTELY NO REGULATIONS OR LAWS monitoring the corporations.

And yes, monopolies would exist, again, before TR, corporations got so large to control 90-95% of their entire industry. It was only a matter of years more before they control 100%. But, luckily, TR and others trust busted and broke them up, thus, bringing in a competitive market.

People think that pure capitalism/pure free market is good, that's wrong. It's as stupid as the extreme of communism and ignores the human nature. It ignores that information doesn't flow as freely/fast nor are all the people as educated in a matter as experts. Nor does it acknowledge that if there are no regulations, corporations slowly clamp down on the flow of information (why do you think Viacom and Comcast and all the big corporations who control the TV networks wanted to support SOPA and PIPA and currently supporting the FCC's changes in regulations?) and keep people ignorant and propagandized. It's why the word "liberal" is seen as a "bad thing" even though true Liberalism is probably one of the most American beliefs entirely.

But no, what you want is a mixed economy. What we had from the end of the Great Depression until about the late 1970s. Aka when we had our biggest economic boom. It was an economy where the people regulated the hell outta businesses to keep them from doing harm to the people, but then free enough where businesses could start up and competition and innovation were healthy.

So what changed? The 1970s we saw people like Lewis Powell get more into politics. In case you don't know him, he's this asshole


That's right, if you read that, he openly stated that corproations should get more into politics and basically take it over. And this asshole was appointed to the Supreme Court by Nixon who then voted on this little ol' case


Which started our downward spiral. Where corporations slowly started corrupting government to remove key regulations passed in the Great Depression to prevent their abuse of the economy like they did when they caused the Great Depression. They pushed for things like removing Glass-Steagall and changing the Saving and Loans laws which brought us the Great Recession and S&L Crisis respectively.

Keep in mind, this hasn't changed, look at how our Supreme Court is now lined with corporatists and how they voted for Citizen's United and McCutcheon vs FEC which was framed by the corporatists in the government and media as to be great for our liberties and freedom, when really all it did was give more power to the rich and corporations. Our nation is now an Oligarchy (technically a Plutocracy) thanks to the Supreme Court and Congress and the Presidents over the last several decades


And it wasn't just the government corporations were taking more power over, it was the media.


Check this report out, check how journalism has changed so much. How tools they used to use that brought out corruption in both government and corporations were used less and less and looked down on by the media. See how the news media has changed from an emphasis of telling the OBJECTIVE news and more for ratings and being "neutral" (which is not the same as objective, to use sports, neutral would be"well both teams played hard and both teams think they won" and objective would be "Team A won by 30 points against Team B"). Hell, look at the way Climate Change is talked about in the mainstream news outlets. It's almost never talked about and when it is they ALWAYS present it as if it's 50-50. They always have one person against, and one person for. They frame it like there's even a debate on the data when the truth is, 97% of scientists agree that Climate Change is REAL and that WE humans are the cause of it.

No, don't go thinking less government is all we need to do, that's exactly what the CORPORATE media keeps pushing and what all the corporatists in our government want. They want less regulations, less taxes, less interference all so they can maximize their profits at the expense of the well being of our society. Corporations don't give a shit about the society they are in, they were never designed to do so. They were designed to only care about their profits.

But, there is a way we can fix this...


to push


And the good news? It's working


Vermont has called for it already, there are 10 other states voting on the bill now to push for it, the people are angry at money in politics and the corruption. Join us and fight against the money influences of politics.

I think there's a legitimate case for Regular Edition, a Collector's Edition and an Overpriced Ugly Troll Statue Edition. Just try to include all the Collector's edition stuff in the OUTS Edition because to do otherwise is stupid.

It really is too much. I have still pre ordered dedsec edition. Because the game looks awesome, but it does feel.. Iffy.

We should have like, one with the digital stuff, and one that also has the physical things along with the digital stuff. Much easier, and it gives you what you want.

Also yes, don't call it collectors edition when we can't be a collector of Watch_Dogs.. There is only one! And it is not even out yet! Just call it special edition or whatever you fancy.

I wouldn't buy this game on launch unless my life literally depended on it. I said it before. I'll play it when the full version is released. There's no reason to get it as soon as it's out.

Jimothy Sterling:
Watch Dogs - Five Collector's Editions For One Game? What? F*$%ing WHAT?

The game industry has officially shit itself.

Watch Video

6:42 Like "Man Of Steel", FF13, the DC reboot, Comixology's buyout by Amazon, then their decision to remove In-App Purchases, but for some reason the Image Comics app and others like it have them just fine... Yeah, the bullcrap bad decisions is just ramping up as of late, hasn't it? How do you deal with it, Jim? I'm one of those that genuinely believe in the potential for good this industry has; I have for many years, but this? This is terrible. Something's got to change. I mean, change for the better. Five collector's edition's for a new IP... Jesus Christ. How did we get to this point? No, I'm serious. How did we get to this point?

6:46 Indeed, thank God for somebody like you being out there to call this crap out. I had no idea about the 100$ Amalur preorder! I knew about it's tie-in to ME3, (Which I thought was cool, since I got some free gear for both Amalur and ME3) but I didn't know about that! What a load! And I'm one of those that actually LIKED Amalur!

Hahaha oh my god, that spread sheet. Does this mean that illegally downloading the game is going to be the only way to get all of the content or will all of those extras eventually come as DLC?

It's abundantly clear that Ubisoft had already decided that this game was going to be a hit a year ago (why else would there be a giant picture of the game's protagonist on the back of my launch day PS4's box which was released SIX MONTHS before the game actually comes out), they're trying to manufacture the next big franchise for when the Assassin's Creed bubble inevitably bursts and they'd like to involve the consumer as little as possible. This game is little more to them but a product at this point, so of course they're gonna find the best way to wring as much extra coin out of it as possible.

Absolutely no part of this surprises me.

I think the FCC topic would've been more worthwhile. Getting your panties in a twist over a company that's well known to be horrible at respecting or caring for their customers is not exactly surprising.

I fully expect the game to be so massively mediocre that I don't care. The only upcoming IP that's going to be remotely relevant for how things will be done and could make true gaming history in relation to its customers, is Star Citizen - and it already has a huge amount of pre-purchase content. If you count the content from the backers, there's a lot more than 5 CE's.

The only news and advice here is the same that's been said for a good while now: Don't support big triple A by pre-purchasing their shit.

I was considering buying this, after reviews came out, but when I saw they had a spreadsheet to guide you to the content provided in each different version, and on top of that NONE of the versions had all the content, I guess I felt insulted. I long for the days before pre-ordering. Gaming has gotten so annoying.

Screw this game. I'll pass.

Heh ... they offer us choice ... thank you great and powerfull overlords, but i would invoke the assassins creed black flag route ;) I'm sure the high seas will eventualy lead me to a complete version of the game that has every piece of content you retarded fuckwits cut out and portioned off to try and get extra money ...

Because of course they will sell every piece of content as DLC so you pay money for the collectors edition, then pay more money for the Season Pass, and you top it all off with extra cash to get all the other launch day content your version didn't have. It's ESO all over again ... this is starting to become a trend ... well at least my wallet sudenly became safe because ironicaly the game's industry doesn't want my money anymore ...

You know what the sad thing is? Dimwited fuckwits will buy the game the moment it arrives, hell preorders are probably out allready on steam and on other platforms ... fucking retarded people who can't tell the soap falling on the floor is just a decoy for the big publishers to take out their gold plated *redacted* and shove them up their *redacted*. I'm just waiting to see what the day one sells and preorder sells are so I can do some simple math and find out how many idiots are out there.

I actually had a limited edition copy of this game preordered on Amazon but was on the fence about whether or not to go through with it for a lot of the reasons Jim stated. While I'm sure I'll enjoy the game, I'm not naive enough to believe it will live up to the hype it's been getting from Ubisoft and am not confident it will be good enough to warrant paying more than twice as much for a few physcial goodies.

I'd just like to thank you, Jim, for helping me make my decision. While I also like the idea of collector's editions (I will buy a CE of every souls game FromSoftware makes until the end of time!) I don't want to support the kind of ass backward business models this industry has become notorious for embracing. That principle alone was enough for me to switch to the standard version. Thank God for Jim!

Also, I have to say, I enjoyed this show a lot more when I first discovered it about a year ago. The reason is because I had SO many episodes that I needed to catch up on, I was able to sit down and watch it for hours. Now I have to wait a whole week for a single episode of what is easily the best, most informative gaming related show on the internet. So, Jim, if you could start making like 2 or 3 episodes of "The Jimquisition" a day, that'd be greeeaaat....

You know, I think these companies see the writing on the wall, and that's why they're resorting to harder and harder forms of exploitation, rather than trying to sweeten the deal at all and right the course.

Sounds crazy, but maybe we really are all careening towards a larger crash down the line, and what we're seeing are the suits going all-in for whatever cash grabs they can manage before it happens.

the antithesis:
Because of this, I hope that no one buys Watch Dogs. Anywhere. Ever.

Hope all you want; I've watched the same exact dross set record sales 3 years in a row.
Fact is: This game will sell on hype alone, and if it turns out to be kinda mediocre, that's all the mass market needs to rationalize its purchase.

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