BJ's Badass Wolfenstein Quiz

BJ's Badass Wolfenstein Quiz

Wolfenstein: The New Order is finally making it's way to you, it just so happens to also be one of the most anticipated games in quite some time. Take this quiz, and let's see just how much you know about the beloved series.

Take the quiz!

I'm currently in last place... I guess that should be expected when I have never even heard of Wolfenstein once before this quiz. Now my knowledge has been expanded, and I see that it is a game of some sort.

Damn... I was in second place, last time I checked.

What?, it actually isn't developed by id Software?... color me surprised, I wasn't following this game's development as much as I thought :/

... Wich wasn't that much to begin with.

The quiz being devoid of Return to Castle Wolfenstein references is disappointing.

One question ask what game DOESN'T use the Wolfenstein engine. LOTS OF THEM DON'T. You don't ask questions like that, they're not relevant!

Actually, when you start New Order, you're in the 1940's for a fair while until you move to the '60's, so that question is misleading.


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