Doodlebugs Without A Cause

Doodlebugs Without A Cause

Just a bit larger and we shall eat these like land lobster.

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If the darkened corridor ends up on fire, all you need to do is throw the armadillidiidae on the fire. Simple science really.

A better use for them is to curl them up and paint them to look like a morph ball.

Those pillbugs are quite large! Too large to be taken orally. Always consult a physician.

Hehehe. xD Evil doodlebugs.
I love it.

Their art will inspire legions of evil creepy crawlies to join the uprising!
:D For the [insert species here] Queen!

Only Nick Lerman's meat-crops are so plentiful.

So are "doodlebugs" an actual thing or is it just a coincidence that there is a game about "bugged doodles", too? Also, those bugs look different than yours. Are there more than one species of doodle-bugging bugs? Do they favour different types of doodling material and colours? Recycled paper? Printer-quality paper? Photo paper? Crayons? Pencils? Felt pens? Oil colours?


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