Review: KORG DS-10 Synthesizer

Review: KORG DS-10 Synthesizer

Disappointed by the quality of recent videogame soundtracks? Why not make your own?

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Interesting. I'll look it up and see if it's worth it.

its really quite fun to play with once you figure out how to manipulate your sounds. If you've ever used FL studio, the song building is the same. Different patterns can have different sequences and you make the song out of that. Its a fun break for a handheld synth

It's great. Something about using a stylus means I've had more fun and achieved more with it than I ever have with a desktop synth/sequencer - although there are lots of limitations to the sequencer.

I do want another copy... and a mixer...

weird enough that i want it!!!

Good write-up Nathan!

I got the Korg DS-10 for my birthday back in December, and it's a fantastic little tool. I also like how it packs in very good synth software, for relatively little £$€s. I'd like to say it's had a rejuvenating effect on my musical creativity, but I'm still tinkering away and getting to grips with it.

I've been blown away by the vids on youtube, though, like this guy who does Yellow Magic Orchestra's Rydeen, with two DSs. It's also really cool to see all of the youtube material that XSEED put up there themselves, like the short tutorials and some little quirky remixes.

It also inspired me to write a (very) long essay which I ended up calling 'Culture and Creativity: Karaoke Gaming and Korg DS-10'. It started out as a review, and spun out to covering general creativity in gaming and wider society.

Truly awsome, getting a korg Es-1 Mk2 sampler its going to be brilliant XD

Heh, there was me suspecting it'd be extremely limiting and produce terrible sound. Shows you what I know, I'll have to pick up a copy.


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