Inside the Art of the New Dungeons & Dragons

Inside the Art of the New Dungeons & Dragons

We sit down with the art and creative directors of the new Dungeons & Dragons to see what their vision for the game's art is going to be.

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The last line has an editing issue:

Interested in more about the new D&D [i]? Check out our piece exploring the design of the launch adventures.

Is the Escapist trying to crowdsource editing of their written articles? I've noticed a lot more errors in recent weeks.

OT: I'm not sure about the "timeless" quality, or the multiplicity of styles. The images released look heroic and grand, but they all seem to be in the same style. I know they want to keep a recognizable core identity in the art, but I'd love it if the DMG had a section on the different campaign settings (since they are focused on Forgotten Relams), with a big two-page spread of art for Dragonlance, Eberron, Dark Sun, and Greyhawk, each in a distinctive style. That would really fire up imaginations and demonstrate some breadth of what D&D can be, rather than what frankly appears to be a bunch of images of people fighting monsters in some generic fantasy world.

For example:

Every one of those images tells a story related to D&D, but each story is entirely different from the others.


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