8 Historical Pictures of Deadly Tornados

8 Historical Pictures of Deadly Tornados

Today we give you eight images of some tornadoes. They're dangerous, but they're also very pleasing to the eye. So keep this gallery around for whenever you get the urge to go stormchasing, it's safer to appreciate the destruction from your computer.

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Mountains - the natural barrier against these events. Where do I live? On a mountain, by a sheer cliff. Like anything else that spins, these things tend to lose traction when they're not over a flat surface. The closest a tornado has ever come to my home was one that landed 2 years ago some 25 miles from here, wrecking a couple mini golf courses, some motels, and a supermarket. There's still a lot of rebuilding left to do, or more demolishing, because most motel owners can't really afford that kind of reconstruction if "Hilton" or "Trump" isn't on the side of the building.


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