The Lords of Midnight - Epic Oldie

The Lords of Midnight - Epic Oldie

Mike Singleton's The Lords of Midnight takes more than a few cues from The Lord of the Rings but uses them to craft a unique strategy experience as deep and epic as anything seen in the War of the Ring.

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What strikes me when looking at older games is that they often managed to convey the scope much better then modern games do.

A contemporary example would be X-Com. I never felt a single time while playing the remake, that I was managing Earth's last Defense against a superior enemy. The future of the earth resting on my shoulders and commanding a true fioghting force.
The remake made it feel more like I was just some kind of special SWAT leader...

Thanks Stewshearer :)
Lords of Midnight and Doomdark's Revenge were two games I loved to play as a child on my C64. I never came even close to winning either of them, or for that matter, even really comprehending what was going on^^

There was a magic in classic strategy and rpg games that I think has never been captured again. With the increasing expenses in graphics and sound the games may look and sound prettier, but at the same time feel much less epic or grand.

Congrats, you managed to find a gave I've never heard of...and a strategy game no less!

I'll have to find one and try it for myself.

Though I never played Lords, the sequel Doomdark's Revenge was one of the first games I bought as a kid, on my wonderful green-screen Amstrad. Never got very far, even with the help of a map I found in a magazine, but I certainly had a good time doing it.

Thanks for the review :)

I remember playing this on Commodore 64. When you started to have a bunch of armies going around, after making your moves, you had to wait hours for the computer to calculate all its moves :) I had the computer on for days, because saving on a cassette, yeah, good luck with that. Guess it might be a bit more fast-paced nowadays...

While the 2013 re-release (I can't speak for the 1984 original) does provide a map that documents your exploration and keeps track of the location of minor enemies as well as your own units

You should try the original. Not having a map changes things from "difficult but ultimately fun strategy game" to "unplayably frustrating piece of crap". The only way to have any chance at all was to spend days (as in real ones, not in-game) just wandering around the map trying to figure out where things were before you could even pretend to start playing. How can you attack the enemy's citadel if you have no idea where it actually is? Having to make your own map can be a fun part of the game in things like D&D where exploring is part of the point, but in a strategy game where it's important to know where things are from the first turn it really spoils the entire game. The only reason I ever got anywhere in this game is because my Dad had already done most of the mapping, and I still don't think either of us ever actually won.

Lords of Midnight 3 was quite fun though. Just don't play it if you don't like Carmina Burana, because you will have it stuck in your head for the rest of your life.


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