Escapist News Now: Murdered: Soul Suspect Gameplay Demo

Murdered: Soul Suspect Gameplay Demo

Andrea Rene and Matt Brunner from Airtight Games played through the beginning level of Murdered: Soul Suspect.

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Oh I thought this ment there was an actual DEMO available.

Got my hopes up for nothin.

this game's gonna be a flop, I don't think they filled this game in any further than the original, half-baked premise. Too bad, I really liked "The Frighteners", this seemed like it could have been a darker version of that...or "Ghosts", which I never saw.

This looks really cool. It kinda borrows from LA Confidential, but then that even was just a rework of older gaming ideas. Love the setting, the story's premise and the ambiance. I won't be pre-ordering but I *will* pick this up at some point. The (subtle) influences over the living are clever and I can't wait to see what kinda fun can be had, because if I were a ghost, it's totally the kinda stuff I'd get up to. Along with Dragon Age 3, most interesting looking game so far this year, certainly more than Watch Dogs.


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