Orphan Black Review: Coming Full Circle

Orphan Black Review: Coming Full Circle

Episode 9 does a good job tying up loose ends as it barrels toward next week's season finale.

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So is this the *giggle* end of the Proletheans? And what kind of mother will Helena make? Where's she going to keep her "babies", in a freezer next to the ice cream like any good mass murderer? Will she go back and gut that teacher like a fish? So many questions.

Finally caught up on this show, it's been a pretty good watch.
I've been very impressed with Tatiana's acting chops as the "illusion" has never been broken for me.
I never think "that's the same person doing all those different things" which is pretty impressive.

Meanwhile, all is not as it seems back at the Dyad. Delphine discovers that Benjamin, Mrs. S' henchman, has been working for the Institute all along. She rushes to tell Sarah about the turncoat, but Rachel beats her to the hospital.

Maybe you knew this but just didn't make it clear, but I'm pretty sure Benjamin's not actually a turncoat.
Rachel was just tricking Delphine to get to Kira.

But yeah I'm looking forward to the season finale. I agree with you in wanting to see Helena come back to visit some (un)holy vengeance on those Dyad bastards.

I'm not as impressed with this season as the OP. I'm enjoying it, don't get me wrong, but it seems like there's too much being tossed up in the air, too many threads and not enough time for each of them. Paul vanished after what, the 3rd episode? 4th? Then he gets mentioned in passing in the 7th. Cal get ditched in the middle of the season. The Dead Cop problem is vanished. Ton(y)(i) gets introduced then dropped in the same episode. Art and Angela are mostly superfluous. The killed Prolethian in the season premiere isn't mentioned at all after that episode. Heck, the new Proletians don't seem to have any real point to the plot except for Helena - they aren't even an antagonist for Dyad anymore, let alone the other Clones. Etc.

I'm just finding that this season is a mess. I hope that it turns out that seasons 2 and 3 are essentially the same season, just two parts and that taking them as one season makes things work out. Maybe that's the plan, and I've been lulled into expecting a much tighter story by the first season. I hope so. And I'm going to watch all the way to the end of Season 3.


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