Orphan Black Review: More Than Just Project Leda

Orphan Black Review: More Than Just Project Leda

The finale episode of season two, episode ten ties up the remaining loose ends, but still has room for the biggest loose end of the entire series.

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Fingers crossed for Season 3.

The series has just been a hoot. So many sci-fi programs are now out there, almost all of them with nothing fresh to say or do. This one has kept my attention, constantly re-inventing itself and giving its viewers some mind blowing experiences as well as plenty to think about.

This is the type of show which, in true Brit fashion, should last 4 or 5 seasons, tops. I feel that they are pulling plot lines and thread out of their asses to stretch the show (why would Sarah not come out public and avoid lots of these silly plots?); however, the story line is interesting... for 4 or 5 years, that is.

The exploration of morals, "realities" etc of human cloning is fascinating. This plausible sci-fi is a great genre; a bit like the now defunct Almost Human where they explored many of these technological advances and their issues in the near future

Orphan Black is confirmed to be in discussions about next season. Hopefully there will be a third or at least a TV movie


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