Dominion Review: Why Vega Is Probably Doomed

Dominion Review: Why Vega Is Probably Doomed

Their Chosen One is acting like a child throwing a tantrum, their leader is having secret rendezvous with an angel, their schemer keeps being out-schemed, and their villain could be replaced with a cardboard cutout.

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First episode, idiot badguy fucks up royally, endangers the city and triggers actually an attack on the city. No repercussions. Yep, this is some quality writing. And I actually like the actor very much...

I suspect that this is gonna be some people's guilty pleasure show. The plot makes almost no sense, there's a few callbacks to the movie - the scene with the exploding angel being a big one ( I half expected to hear "Sorry, we're closed")- and the writers aren't afraid to break taboos with some regularity. If this were any other show I might find the frequent ass shots or, say, a child almost getting gutted as a bit unusual. But a post-apocalypse with disembodied evil spirits suddenly having bodies, of course they're gonna have an orgy! Gotta keep the audience's attention somehow.

It is terrible, but I love it. Shoot me, I am the problem. ;)

Legion is one of the few bad action flicks that I actually really couldn't finish. It just bored me senseless and I just couldn't take it anymore right before the big finale.

Trailers for this looked almost as drab as they could possibly be. These reviews don't exactly convince me to go and watch it either.


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