I Ruined World of WarCraft

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<-- Was a casual for all of vanilla, ever only finishing 20man raids with my small guild and doing joined MC runs... We got up to rag and after that it fell a part. So your, 'lolnostalgia' or in fake's case 'Nostalgia glasses' will not work. Since if anything I had a much better time in TBC then I did in Vanilla in terms of raiding yet I enjoyed Vanilla more even though I hadn't experienced even HALF the content. So I am with the author, being a casual rocks in MMORPGs because it even feels more epic.

That said, anyone who doesn't like Vanilla over WOTLK, either never played it, or is one of the few retarded people that most likely gave up after getting killed the first time.

WoW was originally based on Everquest, mostly. It combo'd elements from many but Everquest was the real first epic-styled raiding game. Games like this have long questlines and big bosses for players to kill together, etc.

Vanilla was like this. EPIC stuff, long quests that sent you across the world (you actually felt like you were doing the work), massive battles that required you to have 40 raid members (while now guilds are getting away with 20-25 people for nax or anything else) and required a certain amount of skill for everyone of them. The randomness, it felt like a world that was alive... You could take a wrong turn in an instance, yet STILL end up finding something instead of linear aoe grindfests.

So why did Tigole leave? Because I think Blizzard knows that WoW has gone off track, they KNOW that so many people have joined, people that aren't real MMORPG players, they are more like wii players. Tigole is old-school, everquest-styled man, and this is a good sign for the new MMO.

Is the game less fun and less enjoyable?

Of course it is for those who play it for what it is meant to be. WoW is a different game now. Is it less enjoyable for all? No, of course not. Blizzard knew what it was doing and that it was stuffing up the hardcore game base.

Achievements are crap. Raiders want the actual encounters to be epic, achievements are just a bad excuse to reuse content and I personally have nothing to do with the pointless shit that only gives you crappy titles for... i dont know... gratz you can spend the most useless time of tiny little aspects of the game? Making raid encounters easy and adding extra, "oh but if you do this a bit differently it is harder" is not a MMORPG, its a sad excuse for lack of content.

I have to join the CantFaketheFunk-bandwagon for the moment, but I'd also like to add that the out-of-the-box (so to speak) raid encounters in WotLK are intended to be easy, and that blizzard has stated they ddin't want the hard stuff to be availiable right away. think back to how much easier the t4 raids were to the t5 raids, and then the 6t raids (no vanilla WoW for me, I came late to the party). Right now we've got Kara (Naxx) Gruul (EoE) and Mag (Sarth) [I wasn't sure which of the latter two would be which, just bear with me]. Those raids were far easier than their counterparts at higher tiers. Even early on, pugging those raids wasn't unheard of, and in later stages of the expansion, only the newest guilds really worried about getting everyone together to run through them.

When the finalized version od Uldaar hits, I think (and hope) we'll see the difficulty curve rear it's ugly head again and make the endgame back to what we had seen.

im agreeing with Backup Bruv but i hate those noobs who think there cool beacuse they have a crappy epic spaming over trade chat with Dirge or whatever.

Sean, I have to say that I disagree with this piece. I think that you're confusing "easier" with "more accessible."

Oh sure, there are definitely things that are easier, and much less tedious. For instance, if I wanted to grind exalted with the Frostsaber Trainers in Winterspring, it'd take me about a week of solid grinding TOPS, compared to the months it would have taken pre-BC. Getting exalted with factions is also much simpler with Championing and daily quests (as opposed to just the repeatable turnins you saw pre-BC).

But as far as the endgame PvE content goes, I think you're dead wrong. Sure, I loved Molten Core back in the day, but really, when you look back at it? The fights were simple. The hard part was getting 39 other people to do it with. The arguably "hardest" fight before Majordomo Executus/Ragnaros, Baron Geddon, was: "Melee run out when he starts doing the fire thing. Dispel the mana drain. If you have the bomb, run away."

Compare that to, say, Sartharion, the easiest raid encounter in WotLK. Dodge lava waves, make sure that all the fire adds don't get caught in them or else they get much stronger, dodge the volcano blasts, etc. Also pretty simple, but more complex than most of the stuff we saw in Classic. Then you have all the optional stuff, like trying it with the three Drakes up - that's pretty damn tough.

You'd be right that Naxxramas is a shade of its former self, and I doubt we'll see anything THAT difficult until Icecrown Citadel (the Naxx/Sunwell of this expansion). But the actual content is far more complex and - for a 25 man group - more challenging than anything pre-BC. I have a hunch that Ulduar will be a definite step up.

I agree that there's very little RISK involved, though.

*claps* Very much true. Best thing by the way, about the optional things, is that everything can do the encounter as he or she wishes. Hardcore people can have the toughest fights possible, more relaxt players who just want to progress through the instance or something just pick the less difficult version; to each his own game, much more freedom. I only see good things about that. Same with achievements, I love the system. Gear is back to it's essence now: no longer a status symbol, but simply a tool for progress. Bragging is done with exclusive mounts, titles and tabards. Showing off is optional, again more freedom to the player on how he or she wants to play the game. Do you just want to see the content and progress through the game, or do you want to be the best of the best? The choice is yours.

Disclaimer: I don't play the game anymore, I ran out of content.

i agree with cantfakethefunk he is right (i also play world of warcraft) im skria on zuluhead

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