Unskippable: The Getaway

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As funny as the very first one - great stuff!

honestly its really the first show, other than ZP, that I make sure I watch every week. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK : )

if you go see frost nixon... your kid dies, if you die... your kid dies, if your kid lives... your kid dies.

"What happens if I kill my kid?"
"Your kid.....Touche."

I loved the getaway series it was very authentic I loved the movie-style presentation

Haven't played the game in awhile thanks for bring back memories and making me laugh at the same time

Hey! That one was actually worth watching! The video became far funnier towards the end.

Ugh. This game makes fun of itself. This episode was just lame.


"I know what this murder weapon needs! My finger prints!"

Practically word for word what I was thinking the first time I played this game...not his brightest moment.

Awesome as always keep up the good work! ;3

I'm amazed no one got the reference to Peter and the Wolf. (well it took me a few months to figure it out)

"Incidental Music provided by: Eyebrows and the Thugs, from their latest album: Punching People in the Face Repeatedly."

I wonder if yall will do The Getaway:Black Monday?

Black Monday is so much better than the first game

I saw this game on the cover of my gameinformer years ago. The tagline was that this game was going to give the gta of the time it's run for it's money.

So much for that eh?

one day i will be in a band with eyebrows and the back seat guy

Heres my gym sock drippings....yuch!

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