8 Movies That Should Have You Living In The Theater This July

8 Movies That Should Have You Living In The Theater This July

This month is pretty fantastic for films, this month we see new movies from Luc Besson, who you may remember made The Fifth Element and The Professional, and Woody Allen, you may recall him from the fact that he's quite possibly one of the most talented filmmakers of the 20th and 21st centuries. So wrap your eyes around these flicks, who knows, they may be good.

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Heheh, number 8 caught me off guard

Im watching none of them in the cinema. Mostly due to 4 out of 5 times the cinema going experience is ruined by idiots in the audience. An why bother playing the cinema roulette of chance when a ticket costs loads? Rather wait till its on dvd. Or until you get mini cinemas which allow myself and friends to watch the movie with out strangers ruining the experience. An while on topic, when are cinemas going to reinstate the role of a member of staff to wander around the cinema throwing out noisy people? Sucks when paying money to watch a movie and you have to put up with idiots on mobiles etc Once i told someone to stop with the mobiles and got in an argument that almost came to violence. So stupid.

Sex Tape... you mean the one where buying an Apple product magically makes said product connect to and download from your cloud account?

Ya.... This list lost me at that point...

OT Lucy looks cool. Scarlet is doing some pretty cool stuff and Morgan Freeman is... Morgan.. Freeman...


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