8 Reasons to Look Forward to the Rest of 2014

8 Reasons to Look Forward to the Rest of 2014

We're halfway through 2014, we know that there isn't a whole lot going on in regards to game releases right now, so we're giving you some games that should be making their way to you by the end of the year. Start planning now how you're going to enjoy your time with these games.

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European Ship Simulator.

European Ship Simulator.


Christ, are people that cynical about Shadows Over Mordor? Guess LoTR Assassin's Creed made by Monolith just isn't enough for some people >.>

Eight complete misses, for me. Now, if you'd have said Psychonauts II, I might have cocked an eyebrow. Yeah, I'm one of those games are art hippies. Everything else you mentioned pales in comparison.

Yeah, I'm an optimist! We may actually see some of these before the year is out.

Far and away looking forward to Alien: Isolation most of all. I've been knee-deep in System Shock ever since the Summer Sale and now I'm wondering how a modern fright-fest in space can play out.

And don't tell me the Dead Space shooting gallery-fun as it is-can be any substitute. I just want to see some nice alien action. Well, lack thereof.

Hehe ...
I'm looking forward to Dragon Age Inquisition too, with a few minor personal problems that may or may not be in the game.
Still, I'm getting it, but that line of ...

If you pay any attention to The Escapist you'll know just how much we love the Dragon Age series.

Oh you~
We all know what went down in that review article. Sure, I disagreed with Greg's opinion, but I still think the game is better than "okay".
I just hope this one will do much better.

Also, by "we love the Dragon Age series", is that just Greg or does it apply to some of you guys too?


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