186: Videogames: Are Your Children Safe?

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Nice article, but I'm sure these conservative people who hate video games so much will never listen reason. The argument will move on when the next big thing in entertainment pops up. I bet people even thought theatre was evil when it first developed... "A man acting like another man, this is the work of DEAMONIC POSSESION, DESTROY THEM"

Actually they did, but it was during the time back in Shakespeare's day (I could be wrong) but there were many who thought it was evil because people were enjoying theatre instead of working all day.

Then again this is based off of memory, no research, sorry. So I might be wrong about some of that, but the point remains the same, they'll always find something to blame.

And if I'm wrong...oh, well. XD

Actually, the number of violent crimes in the United States has been falling since the 1980's... which may have more to do with the legalization of abortion than anything else (anyone else read Freakonomics?).

Great read. It's really a shame that the media never focuses on this side of violence in children.

I guess "Killer Videogames" is much more juicy...

Thank you for finally giving me a counter-argument againts anti video game people. you did a great job on this article

It's not just young boys or men who like videogames. women and girls like them too. Videogames are a safe way to release the dark side of human nature. Let's face it, we all have a dark side (even if we are in denial), and the thrill of winning and the need to contol and on and on. I think that you are not what you do, but in doing, whether it is a video game, or a game of checkers, we find out who we are. Games reveal to ourselves and to others our true character. For example, if a person is always wanting to win and cannot accept losing, then that person will use cheat codes, get angry at the game, or even ( and I say this as a possibility) get violent with others in the real world. So if a child has some issues, certainly a video game, a song, a movie, etc. can and does bring out that part of the child which is socially unacceptable. Remember there are many adult who play games and adults create these games, not the children. Just a thought........

I totally agreee with the previos statement,becouse if we dont reliese our anger or other types of our "dark syde" we would destroy ourself from the insyde or we will just beat up other guys like we did before games, in wars or in other types of confliсts.

Remember that most violent games these days are acclaimed for their multiplayer aspect - not the single (I know its not always true, like in GTA4 which had multiplayer but was mostly bought for single player, and COD4 in the middle). Anyway, Halo 3 and SSBB being the obvious choices for this; its just another form of people wanting to see whos better. I play SSBB and Halo 3 alot with my friends and every single kill to us is comedic! The thing is, it doesnt even seem violent to me because of the comedic value of a headshot on an invisable Elite friend or slicing somones face open with Ikes sword!

I may have gone a wee bit off topic somewhere :)

This article is a must read anyway. Well written, points presented well and a lack of bias using proven facts!

Really well written article. I always enjoy reading the ones that debate both for and against video game violence, it's a subject that lies close to a lot of people and yet there is no definite answer.

I've considered a few of these myself, especially the ones about competition, quality gaming and role playing. Though there are very valid arguments as to why video game violence inspires real life violence one should look at it from other angles as well.

Two thumbs up.

im an idiot

My feelings on game violence is much like anything else- it depends on the person. If an individual is unstable (prone to acting out violence, etc) than really anything is going to set s/he off.
If your a functioning member of human society, (insert comment here) then you've probably got your fantasy/reality checks in place. Most people wont play 'Weapon X' and then attach knives to there forarms and run around the streets screaming incoherently.

Sure, games are becoming more 'real' in there depiction of violence, but so is everything else; so if your going to blame games for a rise in crime, you've got to include movies/tv shows, comics, and Youtube (j/k).

Which brings me too my Big pet pev.... BANNING

While I agree that video games have the potential of 'taking it too far'- control and banning of games makes no sense.
1) Anytime you ban something, everyone instantly wants it... Making the ban counter-productive.
2) Most people who jump on the 'Not This Game' banwagon are people who have never played it- making their arguements irrelevant.
3) It's not logical. Take 'Mass Effect'- a game that was almost banned for its sexual nature... Well, fine- that's great... But lets be reasonable. If you ban a GAME for sexual content, then you have to ban EVERYTHING that displays sexual content (if poison is bad for you in a liquid, it's probably not any better in food). As no one has done this, they're arguements become mute.

Ultimately it becomes up to the parent or individual. Anything else, and it really has just become a witch hunt.

Who ever really says that video game violence is bad should really look around them. Violence is everywhere, its on the news, internet, 7:00 cartoons of good guys beating up the bad guys with weapons. Which is why this article should be made public. Personally I think the ratings system is obsolete as parents will still buy M rated games for their kids then blame it on video games when the kid kills someone. Your kids are going to be safe and perfectly sane as long as you drill into their minds that running over a pregnant woman with a truck is bad and will be punished harshly.

Just want to say good article and all, I want to make a comment on the aspect of playing out our violent imaginings etc. Well for me, games helped destroy fear. Remember as a kid, being afraid of monsters under your bed or in the dark furnace roomÉ Well, I was most certainly one of those kids but playing games like Resident Evil taught me to steel myself to the fear. When I first played RE 2 on my N64, I could only stand maybe 30 minutes before getting creeped out. Fast forward many years and I played Dead Space without much anxiety throughout, with some exception during a few really intense and difficult parts when something sudden happens. But the fear quickly is replaced by a surge of adrenaline and fast finger movements, followed by limbless corpses on the ground.

I may have a different reaction should I face zombies in real life, but gaming has definitely desensitized me to irrational fear. As to the violence, specifically, Ièm a fairly passive and non aggressive person and I donèt find violent games to be super awesome because of the violence. My favorite part of Mad World (Wii) was the announcers.

Great article. Very thorough, and I recommend showing it to fearful parents. Education is the answer to ignorance.

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