8 "Weird Al" Videos You Haven't Seen But Need To Watch Right Now

8 "Weird Al" Videos You Haven't Seen But Need To Watch Right Now

Today we give you eight of the best Weird Al songs in video form. He's the master of the spoof, crushing the popular under the iron boot of comedy.

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Why does this always happen to me doesn't have a video

I'm pretty sure that albuquerque video is fan made.

You left out money for nothing beverly hillbillies

3/10 try again later

You honestly believe that people haven't seen some of these? White and Nerdy was his biggest hit ever. It made the Billboard Top 10, and I promise you the video had everything to do with that.

i've actually seen all of these music videos except for "why does this happen to me?" which isn't an actual official music video.. it's only got unofficial fan made videos of sorts

I remember back when the only way to see these videos were to go to one his shows for the AL TV section. I highly recommend that you do, he's an amazing live performer.

Did "Weird Al" finally hire a real publicist or something? I don't remember his previous recent albums getting so much coverage. They talked about the video for "Tacky" on the local pop station and even played a bit of a song, which is more than they've done for like 20 years. He's just all over the place, which is great.

"Eat It" used to be my song for my nephew because he was the fussiest eater imaginable. He's gotten better.

I will always be a fan of "I'm a Surgeon", "Party in the CIA", and the robot chicken "Weasel stomping day". I just cant stop laughing from watching them.

Needs more Dare To Be Stupid.

And I desperately wish there was a real video for Hardware Store.

Ah, this was a fun journey into nostalgia. It's been far too long since I listened to these. His parodies are just so perfect. Eat It is especially amazing with how dead on it is.

Although honestly, can we please stop with the "You haven't seen" bit? To anyone over about 12, these aren't the least bit obscure.

Last I knew, Al was fighting tooth-and-nail to get all of his videos removed from the internet.

That's about the time I stopped caring about Weird Al.


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