8 Amazingly Odd News Stories That Will Leave You Dumbstruck

8 Amazingly Odd News Stories That Will Leave You Dumbstruck

Today give you eight oddly weird news stories, they'll have you wondering what went wrong in this world of ours. If you need to feel better about yourself, or if you just feel the need to watch a train wreck then this is the gallery for you.

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This was.. surprisingly bad. While I don't think that The Escapist has top-notch content, I do think the quality has been decent enough for me to visit daily, but this piece right here? This really isn't okay.

Stick to geek things, games and the occasional science bit and let's leave the trash to the tabloids, yeah?

Welcome to Feed Dump, where today we're various ways criminals dumbass themselves. I'm Facebook; joining me is XBox Live... (Join me, I have free games now!), Instagram... (not to be confused with with our new dehydrated Stark product, Insta-Graham)... and Twitter (everything you say is so important that it must be recorded for posterity, especially that picture you took from someone else's Twitter feed)... and we will totally keep your public profiles a secret from the police. *wink*

*cue opening music/splash*

Damn quote button...


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