Resurrect the Slasher Film!

Resurrect the Slasher Film!

Serial killers, found footage, supernatural threats are all well and good, but it's long past due to revive the genre that gave us Jason, Freddy and Michael Myers.

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The Purge sucked - FvJ was a million times better. Jason X was better than most of the crap thats released as horror these days. Slashers can make a come back if the effects are real and not cgi. What is it with directors using CGI blood instead of real blood - well sfx blood. Need a killer with imaginative kills and not just stabbing everyone. 18 cert with on camera effects. Also can we have normal looking people whether fat/thin, ugly/good looking. In modern movies the nerd who cant get a girlfriend is handsome with abs and a wash board stomach - we cant identify with anyone because of how they look. Its also unrealistic of real people so that takes you out the movie as well.

Now part of it is trying to create an iconic character, but they forget its the fans that make something iconic. The Myers mask was done on the cheap and im sure F13 used a Hockey mask just because it was there and cheap. Not because they wanted something iconic (though probably wanted something memorable). I remember as a kid trying to design an awesome iconic mask but it never worked. You have to go by what the character it thinking, is the mask something close to hand with zero meaning or is it something thats meant to mean something to those you kill?

I think what would make a new slasher would be a black killer during black history month. Granted you wouldnt know he was black but it would be interesting adding slavery themed kills or kills connected to important black people. Like maybe a person tied to the front of the bus and killed in some way. I dont know. But themed kills are great.

Have you watched a show called Messiah? Its a British show, has 5 stories and each is a theme killer. That series has more imagination than most horror movies released.

Hear hear!

I love horror classics, although I personally had the slasher genre broken up in my head as mainly serial killers, and some of the others you mentioned as 'supernatural' as a delineation (Pennywise and Candyman, for example, are more entity than psycho, but I digress- after all, they were all killers).

I actually liked the Halloween remakes by Rob Zombie, and am hoping for something good to come of a possible remake of IT, even though I have some fondness for the original series (ending aside).

A potential hurdle to face might be the constant emergence of the victims as enabled heroes in modern movies- I see alot of examples of strong protagonist leads fighting back toe to toe and violently defeating the slasher as a sort of twist that has caught on to the point of making some slasher films less horror and more action, which I generally despise. It also takes sympathy out of the equation quickly in alot of cases without examining the true horror that lies in the middle, that these actions, while necessary for survival, are in and of themselves horrific. A good, if rather low-budget, example of addressing that element of horror would be "Almost Human"(2013), wherein a man returns from an abduction to murder former family and friends. At the end there is a point where the protagonist has been pushed too far, and his actions are horrific in and of themselves. Perhaps a better example was "The Mist"(2007), which by the end I felt captured the true horror of the moment. Mind you, this is just my opinion, and not fact- I just happen to like my victims to stay victims. Movies like "the Descent"(2005) and the "Outpost" series of films, while capable of creating tension, don't really satisfy me, as the protagonists are presented as 'too' capable, and clearly outmatch the villains.

Sorry for tangent. This was an excellent article!

Jason reigns supreme to this day, with 300 plus murders over the life of his Friday the 13th franchise, the vast majority of which occurred before he went into space in the laughable last movie Jason X (not counting Freddy vs. Jason or the reboot). A former groundskeeper for Camp Crystal Lake gone mad, he taught teens to keep it in their pants if they wanted to live, a message that ironically aligned him with many of his critics, including former first lady Nancy Reagan.

"A former groundskeeper for Crystal Lake gone mad"? When did they change Jason's origin?

Someone just needs to take the ZombieU multiple PC's idea and revive the classic slasher format in video games.

I agree with this sentiment. I grew up with those horror films, along with many martial arts flicks, Arnie movies, Stallone as Rambo and Cobra, etc. I was never really a big fan of the Hallooween or Friday 13th series, but watched all the Elm Streets.

There is something about the slasher flicks that was great. Some new horror films are good too, the chilling kind like "Drag Me to Hell" and "The Conjuring", but to be honest, the slashers were a lot less scary or creepy or chilling. They had a more visceral, immediate horror to them, not to mention interesting and iconic villains.


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