8 Of The Best Vampires In Movies

8 Of The Best Vampires In Movies

Vampires can be come of the scariest monsters in film, so today we are giving you eight of the best vampires in the history of film that don't sparkle. Watch your neck, they're everywhere.

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Why no love for Near Dark and Lost Boys, those two movies are my favorite vamp films. Could easily remove the last two choices on your list for Near Dark and Lost Boys.

I've seen so many vampires, I can't even remember them all, nevermind favorites, which might sound weird.
Strahd Von Zarovich is pretty awesome, though.

From Dusk til dawn was a good vampire series.

As if no Blade mention =/

Well Cage is not an actual vampire in Kiss. He is just a fantastic ham playing a mentally disturbed arsehole.

That leaves room for Jesse, Diamondback, Severn, and Homer from Near Dark.

Or Sarandon and Deneuve.


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