Crimsonland Classic - Good Old Fashioned Alien Blasting

Crimsonland Classic - Good Old Fashioned Alien Blasting

Crimsonland Classic doesn't look like much but delivers the sort of pure arcade fun that every gamer needs from time to time. Whether you're looking for a game to master or something to blow off steam with for a few minutes, it's the perfect game for fast fun.

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Fourteen dollars for what looks like one of those dime-a-dozen shmups you see flooding the Xbox Live Indie Arcade?

Sorry Stew, but no thanks. I freely admit to liking the occasional, mindless, pure gameplay experience, but this doesn't look at all worth the asking price. Maybe at two or three bucks, five at the most, but not fourteen.

I loved Crimsonland. Spent so many hours just slaughtering monsters, turning the landscape red with blood, which I assume is the origin of the the game's name.

I've not played this game since I was in school! Thanks for the nostalgia trip :)


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