Unskippable: Grandia III

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This one was really good, but will you guys make unskippable for something else then RPG's or is this a RPG only thing? not complaining just wondering

Eat your heart out, Oedipus...

Another great episode!

I was really expecting some reference to the eye of Sauron, but somehow it didn't show up.

Also I have to note that I got two plants in my living room which go by the name of Bob and Charlie. Kudos from them, too.

You guys really need to do one on MGS4. That game has loads of material. I think you could make a satirical trilogy out of it.

"You think I'd disobey my own mother?"

...and then he tells his friend about how he's going to disobey his mother. By stealing the crystal ball back.

Also, when they said she was his mom, I was all "What? What? Friggedy-what?"

You mean like "The Getaway" or "Lost Planet"?

That was brilliant! I've just watched all the videos and I've gotta say this has without doubt become my favourite Escapist series.

Kudos, I lol'd hard.


I hate to sound like a broken record, but I keep coming back to wanting you guys to be able to Riff an entire game, 5-7 min episodes leave me wanting so much more.

We'd be open to the idea of longer episodes, but for a web series, we can't go much longer or most casual viewers won't watch it. I'm glad you like it enough to want more though! Taking it as a compliment.

We may indeed revisit games we've already done, but for now there's more than enough games for us to keep it new.

Thanks for the reply.

I'm glad you're at least open to the idea of revisiting already riffed games, so at least I can look forward to that someday. Though I have to admit, I'm rather jealous I didn't think of riffing games first. Not that I'd even have the technology to pull it off on my own anyways.

Also, I'm a MST3K/Riffing junkie, so it's mostly my almost drug-like addiction to Riffing that makes me pine for longer episodes.

Ok, last week, I said Unskipable wasn't my cup of Tea. :) I think I'm starting to warm up to it. The Pottery ideas and reaction to the Mother thing were hillarious! :D I was kind of doing the same thing. "Whoa?! What? NO! Fuckin' anime!"

"Ugh! RPGs are so picture'esq!" Hee! After Eternal Sonata, I can see that being irritating.

I wonder how many more unskipable scenes are available in the video gaming market before you start running out. :)

This one was really good, but will you guys make unskippable for something else then RPG's or is this a RPG only thing? not complaining just wondering

Like "The Getaway" or "Dead Rising" or "Lost Planet"?
Also "Dirge of Cerberus" isn't actually an RPG... though it's just as bad as one. We count any Square games in that category.

These are so awesome.
Please tell me you guys will do Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, Galerians: Ash, and The Witcher someday.

lol dude your moms hot are you going to hit that

ok this was the best episode ever, i can't say what line was the best since they where all awesome.

Wow.. wow. This show is basically Mystery Science Theater 3000, but without the silhouettes, robots, talented writers, or funny bad movies and replaces them with fair to poor voice-overs and lame video game cutscenes that we all want to forget.

Shine on, you crazy diamonds.

This is definitely one of the best ones so far. You guys seem to do well with RPGs.

"I know this baby inside and out. Especially inside."

Kind of slow to start, but definitely one of your best yet.

Character relations in JRPGs can get kinda freaky.

this was by far the best one

The mom thing had me laughing. Definitely the highlight of this episode for me. Bravo.

Good, but Dirge still sets at the top. :D

unskippable is the greatest thing since ZP
I just found out about today it combines my love of MST3k with my love of video games its like a dream come true

Had a few dragging bits early on, but a solid middle and a strong finish. I wish the "mom" bit had been thrown in earlier, it would've made for more funny.

She's his MOM?

Some of this shit just writes itself, but damnit I just woke my neighbours with laughter. Please, more from Grandia III, it is just so ripe for parody.

This one was really good, but will you guys make unskippable for something else then RPG's or is this a RPG only thing? not complaining just wondering

They haven't all been RPGs, although RPGs usually do have to badly paced unskippable intros... easy target lol!

I wonder what Graham and Paul would make of the Left 4 Dead intro... :D

nice.. I thought last week was better..

but I still totally did NOT see the mother bit coming at ALL

as for eyebrows on the tambourine... nice.. nice.. nice touch :)

we're only a few shows in and we're already getting memorable characters and recurring themes :P

I love it :D

I wonder what Graham and Paul would make of the Left 4 Dead intro... :D

Obviously not the same game but: http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/view/unskippable/500-Dead-Rising

Hilarious stuff! xD I have to say, Unskippable just might be tied with Zero Punctuation on my personal favorites. Heck, I've never even played Grandia III (or any Grandia games for that matter) and I think this is hysterical.

The Myst joke got a good laugh out of me, mainly because I've recently been hooked on the series. Everything else is just as funny. I love how you keep referring back to previous episodes (the part with Eyebrows in this one and the "almost strangely quiet" reference in another).

Keep up the hilarity.

Easily a new contender for my favorite weekly content anywhere. I really hope that Mike Nelson catches an episode. :)

again - GREAT job =)

"Hey,Bob,Im a flower! So am I. Shut up."

Hey Yukie your mom is three years older than you

Are you gonna hit that

Dude that was EPIC!

I can be the Buzz Aldrin of flying-across-the-ocean!...You can be Micheal Collins.

::Gets the Myst joke::

I was thinking it was his sister, but mom I didn't see comming.

So does this mean women in Grandia are like Tribbles, born pregnant?

Wait that girl was his mom?

Hey guess what Bob? I'm a flower

I'm a flower too shut up!

Favorite line

Hilarious. I loved the bit about her being his mom.

The ending was the best

Great stuff. I was laughing the whole time.
"If you think you hiding in this plane is gonna stop me from setting it on fire, you got another thing coming."

Keep'em Comin'!

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