Zero Punctuation: Little Big Planet

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Yes...yes it was...

I'm getting tired of people without the proper sense of a fucked-up mind trying to sound as if they're part of one of these reviews. I don't think I do it that well myself. But when someone goes from shitface to dickhead on the "obscure angry persons" ladder it's quite the annoyance when they try to impersonate Hitler's personal comedian. It's like trying to fit a black dick in one of those Asian plastic asses. It just WON'T WORK. Unless you're as fucked up in the head as myself and some of my friends are, trying to copy Yahtzee has about the same effect as licking a car battery. It's dangerous, and when done unsuccessfully makes you look like an epileptic 8-year-old with down syndrome. All in all, it's a stupid Idea.

Made of chocolate

I see someone enjoys Austin powers!
Ot: I agree with you one the whole User content thing

Nice ass-face.

Scarey pants at end

Hahahaha i cant see why people complain about these reviews when he dises something they like, as u can see i play lbp and yeh it can be FUCKING anoying and im happy he reviewed it :3

I really love it when Yahtzee goes to town on a game, even if it is a game I like, like he did with Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and Fallout 3.

same thing in spore very creative and nice but marred by the fact that i mostly only ran into cock-monsters and having your little people eaten by cock-monsters is just disturbing beyond belief

I just haaaaaad to watch this review right before I went to bed O.O

I'm suprised that I didn't see the Little Big Adventure note at the end of the credits. I thought I was the only person who ever played that game!

the eyes THE EYES you will obey YOU WILL OBEY THE EYES


Man those pants are creepy.


J.k. Just rewatching some oldies, still good as ever!

The googley-eyed pants genuinely made my day.

The eyes..........The eyes

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. He mentions how all that's left after you finish the game is "dressing like a twat and sticking googly eyes all over your mission hub", then proceeds to put googly eyes on the back of his trousers and dance around. The thought occurred to me that this could possibly imply that his arse is his mission hub, which then leads me to another, more worrying train of thought.

I wonder if Yahtzee made a meta joke or I'm thinking this through too much. Or possibly both.

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