Unskippable: Two Worlds

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"I'm just going to fall off of this horse."

Great video.

Loved it as every other of the Unskippable-videos =D
Love it to the end =D
These videos all crack me up more than any other I've seen on the web =D

But it's a shame he did'nt comment on how nothing of the weed actually disappeared even though he was cutting as if it was between life or death ..

I still think Dirge of Cerberus is the best Unskippable so far, but this was pretty good. One thing that I like about Unskippable is that even when the commentary isn't great, they can bring a terribly acted cinematic to light. Man oh man, the main character's acting was so awful!

Not your top work, but Paul and Graham definitely had some of the best chemistry/rapport/llamas yet, which was nice. And, as usual, there were some fabulous one-liners, just not as consistently funny as last week's was. But still, your average stuff is hilarious.

That made the game's dialogue slightly more tolerable. Good jorb.


i concur

That was.....dissapointing somewhat =/

Tis awesome!

Thou t'game designers shalt nay do study rael olde English...

I've figured it out! Bad cenematics give rise to subpar unskipables. It's like trying to spruce up a lackluster meal (the video itself is the "meal" in this metaphore); add as much delisious spice as you may, and it'll still be infested with taint-- thereby still tasting bad. ;)

Good cinematics = great unskipables.
Bad cinematics = subpar unskipables.

Still, it's kind of funny; the game opens with sour tone, like there's alot to be remourseful over, and it's got the themes of a great victory. "The god of the orcs (or some such) died." Sad sounding narrator. :P Nuts that everything should begin like the end of a happy ending.

I don't know, Eternal Sonata was a pretty bad cinematic.

That started off slow, but you rallied after a minute and a bit to bring home a solid showing. And man, was that an awfully voice acted cinematic.

Can't wait till next week!

Very good video guys. As a new series, well not as new, the videos are funny and great. LOL taint.

"Your sister is alive and well.."
"Damn it!"


Oil can...oil can.....

I love it, we both went "Khaaaan!" at the same time. XD

I dunno what's funnier, the voice acting, the halfassed accents, or the fact that the protagonist sounds like Long John Silver. I keep expecting him to "Arrgh!" & "Shiver me timbers!" or maybe to tell the last unicorn where the Red Bull is.

This one was a laugh all the way through ^_^

That might have actually be one of my favorites so far!
Excellent work guys... I can't wait until the next!


Well, I just lost my unskippable virginity, and now Im probably going to become a unskipable nympho. I literally had to pause twice just so I could get a moment to breath from all the laughing. I should have started watching these befores. Ofcourse, the fact that me and my family like to do this alot is also probably why I loved it so mutch, but seeing it timed and thought out is really funny.

hahaha the monty python reference was perfect. I was like "oh that sounds just like-ah, they got it" niccce

Wait....Worlds Two?

"Meh, it's probably a lot like diablo", haha.

What with the crappy acting? Did the entire cast suffer from a stroke before recordings or something? It doesn't hurt to put some, you know, emotion into it. Or did the taint magic make everybody a robot zombie?

This is the "Manos: The Hands of Fate" of Unskippable, a cutscene so unbearably boring that even the funny oneliners can't save it. You tried guys, but this one is soooo verry bad.

I don't know if I liked this one. There were some good one-liners ("I'll just fall off the back of this horse"), but I feel like there were a lot of missed opportunities. How could you not comment on them trying so hard to cut the weeds, but nothing happening.

Also, I'm not sure if you guys were trying to be funny and purposely misspoke, but when the response to "'Tis harvest season" was "'Tis it?" I almost cringed. You basically said "It is it?"

And what is it with so many people in this thread writing it like T'would. The apostrophe comes first, it's replacing the "I" in "it". Aren't many of you British? I'd expect Americans to make that mistake, but not Brits...

You guys are really getting the hang of this. I think this was my favorite one yet. You're much funnier than UR or ZP has been lately. Perhaps those two series caught a whiff of the taint and died.

"This is no time to quote Monty python!"

bahahhaa. Comical gold.

"Knock knock, I'm selling girl guide cookies. We have chocolate, vanilla, and taint.

yeah.. who WAS he talking too?

also.. more then a couple.. but less then a bunch.. is that a heroes reference I see? *glee*

man this games voice acting was quite terrible.

But an awesome episode guys.

I cannot believe this game came out on 360. It would be barely acceptable on the original xbox.

Does anyone else find it weird that there's a scene in the cinematic of them slashing wheat/grass with reapers, but it stays intact? How sad is that? "Legend of Zelda" for the SNES had deformable grass and hedges, and we can't re-create that? :-P

Never played this...

...never will, either. I'm surprised you didn't mention the horrifically bad voice-acting! It was a cross between an annoying sports commentator and the annoying Rogue Leader training instructor.

funny but not as good as some previous ones....still awesome

wait...what exactly are they going to do for the sequel/expansion/thing I didn't research beyond the name?
Is there going to be 3 of those symbols when the game's name shows up during the opening to Two Worlds: Temptation?

only a shame that this game's video and voice sequences (along with all the rest) is so dreadful that even a parody of it becomes painful to watch.

Awesome, as usual.

wow, this series is REALLY getting better...

this one is tied with Dirge of Cerberus

Despite all the naysayers, this was a very funny Unskippable.

I read about the bad dialogue in this game before, but hearing it is a different story altogether! Still don't think I could handle it in it's raw form though...

"Nyeh, I bet it's just like Diablo."

Best one since Lost Planet. The serial ones keep getting better and better.

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