188: Crazy in Love

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Ye fucking gods. I looked at one of the links put up, and I honestly think that sooner or later, I'm gonna just randomly puke, then some dude's gonna ask why, and I'll have to say, "Oh, just some disturbing fangirl site."

Goddamn, this is fuckin' BAD, mates- I mean, a friend of mine at school is a HUGE fan of Sonic, and when I told him that such a site existed, expecting disgust, HE MOTHERFUCKING DELIVERED. He was mortified! This is something so disgusting, that I'm practically ashamed to say that I come from the same species as Alix Henriol and her cabal of woodland-creature-molesting deviants!

I was at the Sonic site when it was still public (I made the Robotnik poll in that article), and some of the stuff there is truly disgusting. Alix had images of herself urinating on the floor, told everyone she wants to eat Sonic's /snot/, said she wants to be /trampled/ by Sonic, and has dozens of sex toys with Sonic's face glued onto them (as well as plenty of pictures).

I think it is clear that she has a mental disorder.

First order of business: YOU made that Eggman poll that the guy spoofed? Ye gods, that thing made me weep for the human race's continued survival.

Okay, that aside, I totally agree with you: this chick needs help.

Preferably something involving a straight-jacket.

I had never heard of FF7 House until now. The concept of a videogame cult shouldn't be all that surprising, bigger cults are based on less, but it's still alarming that it would exist and do so to the extent that characters believe themselves reincarnations of certain characters, whether those characters have actually 'died' or not.

In a way, it's kind of vindicating that videogames are getting the same treatment as ancient myths or religious tracts (I once made the statement to one of my film professors that videogames could be every bit as 'cinematic' as most movies and was laughed at for it), but it may end up doing more harm than good. People shun the Holy Bible because certain men, if they can be called that, use it as an excuse to oppress women. That's not really fair, the book is just a collection of stories, most of which may or may not be literally true, it did nothing wrong. It's the interpretation that led to all the misery and chaos. Hopefully, people will use reason and look past the source material.

This is just messed up. I mean holy crap, I like Sonic too (See avatar) but that's just messed up. And don't even get me started on the FF7 cult.

Some mixed messages here, I think you were getting obsession mixed up with wanting gaming as a medium to mature. I'm not saying I don't want it to, but how would it stop people being obsessed? If anything it would have the opposite effect and give them more reason to do so x.x

...I... I... She... They...

I... Really have nothing to say, besides that I think this is further proof that Sonic fans are the most clingy of all fandoms.

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