Editor's Note: Of Love and Games

Of Love and Games

Love between gamers isn't always about Halo-themed weddings, joining the same guild, or tag-team frag matches.

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It does take a special type of person to appreciate games; not just the major titles and franchises but even a good board-game. Whether for just plain entertainment or as a channel to escape our own realities [for a few hours], gaming is becoming a way of life for millions of consumers world-wide, and that alone makes for one commonality-one understanding among us all; Husband and Wife, Boyfriend and Girlfriend, Friend and Foe.. Game on !



seriously though, AAwwwweeeerrrr!!
that was kinda cute. I wanna go home and put on a blanket now.

oh man - i totally could have written the article, although I play hidden object games to unwind and my hubby thinks they are pointless and childish!! Bless his socks, to the both of 'em :)

That is completely and utterly sweet. Made me go "awwwwwwwwwww".

The link between mood and the types of games someone plays is quite insightful. I can't seem to escape the old (familiar) DOS games and mindless casual games... and, admittedly, I'm either depressed or stressed out. ;-)

Aw that sounded so cute. I agree too, my moods change what I want to play. Accept for when I'm mad. I don't like games when I'm mad.



This actually brought tears to my eyes.
I remember having a game-playing boyfriend; the type who speaks the language without words. What happened to him was nothing short of cataclysmic tragedy, but it's nice to know of other couples out there who speak the same language as we did...

That is completely and utterly sweet. Made me go "awwwwwwwwwww".

Yes this was my reaction


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