Rest In Peace, Christopher Lee

Rest In Peace, Christopher Lee

By now nearly every other site on the web has had their say about this incredible human being, but that's not going to stop us from sharing some amazing facts about the horror legend and his extraordinary life.

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Just a note, Long Range Desert Patrol is normally known the Long Range Desert Group. It was briefly called LRDP in 1940 but for most of its existence it was known as the the LRDG. My Grandfather briefly served in the LRDG but after receiving a minor shrapnel wound it was discovered from his medical records that he was blind in one eye and shouldn't be driving a lorry in the front line.

Sir Christopher Lee really was The Most Interesting Man in The World.
"I don't always stab another man in the back, but when I do, I know the sound he makes as he dies."

...Wow. This man had one of the most interesting lives of any person ever. But after a long and fruitful career, perhaps it's finally time for him to take a break. Rest in peace, sir.

You misstated Lee's health problems. He didn't catch malaria six times and survive it; malaria caught Christopher Lee six times and died every time.

My favorite actor and favorite author died in the same year. :C

Christopher Lee was an awesome man.


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