Unforgotten Realms: Episode 20: Shaquille O'Heal

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Unforgotten Realms: Episode 20: Shaquille O'Heal

ROAMIN and Jaque have their own crime solving adventure!


Nice Video Rob;)


Hehe filler episode. :P

"I dont think I'll want my money back if I'm dead."

Jaque didn´t do any job only R-O-A-M-I-N but both did get the gold;)

I'm looking forward to the next episode. Epic "300 like" battle!.

One of your best episodes so far.

ye me to

I'm liking these weekly episodes and where the story's going but what happened to the ending narration? Also we need a bit more Rob/Mike because they have been almost completely absent from this season. Aside from that, another brilliant episode and keep up the good work as always.

Wow I do believe that's the first filler from any show that I have ever actually enjoyed.
Looking forward to the epic battle.

Oh, and this comment will cost you 87.50

1. is UR now a weekly show?
2. now that roamin and jaque are now back in the show, when will petey come back???
3. when will this get funny again???

I love the new weekly format...keeps me on my UR fix.

Simply outstanding. I'm glad to see the occasional montage, as long it isn't simply pieces from old stuff. It was well put together and whether other people think so or not, actually helped to answer questions and set up a nice plot for the next few episodes.

Had you not made this, I can't imagine how many people would have been asking about what happened to Roamin this week. In addition, we get a preview of what is to come in the episodes leading up to the season finally. Excellent work!!! Plus I loved the blackjack scene, hilarious.

My only comment is that you add a little more of Rob and Mike into the episodes. I'm not sure of the difficulty level on actually making them is, but they always add a nice variation to the mix. And since Rob really hasn't changed as much as Schmoopy has since Season 0, maybe by adding them in more you will shut up all the people whom I still hear complaining about the new direction of the characters.

Anyways, keep it up and can't wait for next week



I haven't seen 300 yet!

Haha, good one Rob! I didn't think Roamin would be blonde.

Also, Where in the world is Carmen San Diego? joke was brilliant.

Hit me.

Negative seven!?

Random argument man:
I didn't think Roamin would be blonde.

That surprised me as well, but he's a Paladin, so it makes sense. They're perfect in every way, don't ya know.

i literally laughed so loud my mom came in asking if everything was ok at the "shes in kairo, egypt"

I loved the group of people who kept clapping for him. I actually laughed the second I saw Roamin since last week people were like "Where's Roamin!?"



I haven't seen 300 yet!

Well that is not his fault, and besides, if you go on the internet, then you know what happens in the movie, or atleast the parts that anyone cares about. Also it has been out too long anyways, not seeing it is your own doing.

I liked this filler. It's a good way to keep track of Roamin and Jacque after they were disconnected from the main group. And of course, in all RPGs, the characters you leave behind always end up meeting you at some heroic standoff or battlefield. Nice work.

Can Roamin find my car keys?

Awsome dude!

As always brilliant,good the see the episode was about Roamin,every Thursday now I ll be singing his rank 11 crime sovling paladin song.

One of the best episodes imo!



I haven't seen 300 yet!

Neither have I.

"R-O-A to the M-I-N he is a rank eleven paladin!"

Good to see some more of good old Roamin, he is one of my favorite characters :P

i cracked up at the -7 card.

this episode is worthy of the highlander

With all the jobs roamin did I wonder when he will level up. Well I guess roamin the rank 12 paladin doesnt sound as catchy.

Time to make a resto-druid in wow named Shaquille'O'Heal to not-stop hot and hop.

Good episode, I was worried that those 2 might be cut from the show for a bit but they got an episode all to themselves score. Keep it up yo.

I liked the Fable 2 joke at the end

if that was from fable 2 at least

I wish we had at least a LITTLE glimpse of the main characters though, and we haven't had a good fight in a while

"It's time for the jump heal, or as I like to call it, the Shaquille O'Heal"


You realy should see 300 . It's filled with loads of awesome stabbing, slow-motionness & kickassery. It's the only good Frank millar movie. Oh and don't see Spectre (or whatever the hell it's called) it's cheesey garbage.

I liked the Fable 2 joke at the end

if that was from fable 2 at least

I wish we had at least a LITTLE glimpse of the main characters though, and we haven't had a good fight in a while

...Fable II joke? I didn't spot that.

I don't usually comment on the videos but this episode was so awesome that I had to register and say so.

Great job Rob, keep up the good work.

Wait... are these every week now?

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