Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars Hands On

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars Hands On

Can Rockstar bring the GTA magic to the DS?


Normally big franchises ported over to the DS end up being worthless (Burnout, Resident Evil) but it looks like they know the limitations of the hardware and worked hard to bring us something just as entertaining as a proper GTA without trying to cram a console GTA into the DS.

Dope Wars is one of my all time favorite cell phone games, I'm glad that GTA brought it into a full title.

Well now that we've gotten a look at it I feel even more confident about putting my faith in Rockstar's ability to make a GTA game for the DS.

Plus it's a lot brighter-looking [/joke]

Well atleast they know not to try and cram a console game into a handheld.

dalek sec:
Well atleast they know not to try and cram a console game into a handheld.

That's been done fine with the PSP because of the hardware it has, and done fine with several other DS games like Starfox Command...

Anyway, this actually looks very good so far. They didn't abuse the touch-screen, they didn't push the DS past its limit, and it still looks pretty fun, kinda like a GTA 2.5.

looks like a so- so game, i will have to wait and see...

The first couple of GTAs were topdown scrollers and were immensely popular. No reason at all why this won't do really well- good on them. The DS needs more good games I reckon.

I may end up buying this game, pending on the full review of the actual game that is. I just have a hard time trusting DS games, even though this one looks half decent, and thank god it isn't a port.

This game looks like ill finally get to relive the anarchic joy that was the original 2 GTA's. Not meaning to be too rude, but your hands-on read like you've never played them; & have a rather up ur own arse attitude to the idea of a game going back to its roots to better exploit a different console style. It doesn't matter if it cant be the faux-gritty cinematic epic of GTAIV, so long as its fun.


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