Unskippable: The Darkness

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I dunno I liked this one but I don't think it was as funny as the rest. The shotgun stuff and the head out the window was funny but they kinda kept going back to the same liberty city and shotgun jokes over and over. I guess they're constricted by the actual video though and that was pretty much all that happened.

Also is it just me or are the videos they use getting shorter and shorter?

Yeah my favorite part was when the prompt came up to fire - "God here, FIRE YOUR SHOTGUN" *pow* "Well that didn't help..." "There is no prompt to ask "why?" "

Even though I love the game, I know I was pressing the trigger as fast as I could trying to get some shots off during the scene. I just KNEW I was gonna get potshotted.

9/10. Good job.

Man i remember playing this game. It's actually a lot of fun if you overlook the blatantly bad parts...

I never noticed just how ridiculously long that tunnel actually is, lol, that's pretty sad...

these guys are just great. I love them and i love their show, yet again another great episode. I just love how they tried to bring technicalities into this

Not bad. Not great, but not bad. That scene was not exactly a treasure trove of comedy, not like Granadia was. Keep at it.



Wow, that was.. a really, really long tunnel.

If the cutscene was anything to go by, the game itself must be horrible! =P

It's OK, mainly redeemed by Mike Patton. However, Jackie walks about as fast he reloads that shotgun, the every damn loading sequence features him telling you about one of four things. Before you get to even hear Mike Patton's voice you've heard all of his monologues and it's just so damn tiring.

I remember him having about 8 different storys.

Four, Eight, Sixteen, whatever. They were all terrible, and all very, very irritating. I hate loading screens, but I hate listening to that jackass talk even more. Never mind that his character made no sense. He's supposed to be some kind of badass mafiaso hitman before he can buy booze? What the hell?

Now i get to see what Yahtzee was going on about in his first review. That WAS a dainty reloading scene, i must say.

"Mike Patton as 80's tribute band The Darkness"

Now there's a great idea for a Mike Patton project.

I do love it when you guys do throw-backs to previous episodes. The "God here" and "bullets only make them angry" (which I can only assume is a rather sly way of referencing Lost Planet) were gold.

As always, I loved it.

...I swear you could give a 10 year older a shotgun and he'd reload it faster...

Hahaha nice job. I don't know where this stands in comparison to the other videos, but still good. Favorite moments:

There is a tunnel that's larger, in norway theres a tunnel thats over 11km long. It has great ventilation and has crystal domes inside of it, otherwise it takes bout an hour to drive

Not as funny as the last one, but either way, i liked it!

Good lord could he reload any slower?

And Here I thought Yahtzee was exaggerating about the shotgun. Excellent video, keep up the good work.

Same here.

I enjoyed this, as always. I love RPGs, but it was nice to see something a little different. Keep up the good work!

This is the first game that you guys have done that i've played/enjoyed, and I was still luaghing about how bad the opening cutscene was.

"Ah, now he's 'Riding Shotgun.' that's where we get the phrase."

How can you guys look at that cut scene and not think of Burnout? I was waiting for a reference and it never came.

Oh well nice job.

The ending cracked me up

"That was the first time I died... to see other times I died please flip tape over to side B."

BTW Yahtzee was right on the mark about the shotgun, I have played it to and it wasn't making the interactive opening sequence, well... interactive.

somehow the "chunnel" jokes got me more than anything else.

I am, however, SHOCKED that they did not suggest this was a trip through a "series of tubes"

That video almost made me want to go buy The Darkness lol

Enjoyed that, good stuff!

Luckily the shot gun doesn't take that long to reload in the actual game! It did strike me as somewhat retarded when I first played it, bearing in mind it's a high speed car chase and he doesn't seem in any hurry what so ever to get his gun firing. It's almost like he know's hes going to die anyway! - "Oh what's the point?"

haha this was really good. Excellent series I must add, I've throughly enjoyed it thus far. The games you guys pick for review always compliment your style so well!

Great job guys, it's as fun to watch as ever :)

Absolutely hilarious, your videos just keep getting better and better, keep up the good work guys.

Wow, that was.. a really, really long tunnel.

If the cutscene was anything to go by, the game itself must be horrible! =P

Don't be fooled. The Darkness is high quality entertainment. Go get it. It can't be more than 20 bucks by now.

That video almost made me want to go buy The Darkness lol

And you should. It's a great game. :) I have it, and I've played it several times through. I dunno what these guys meant when they said they couldn't hear these mobsters. I can hear perfectly fine. I mean, when the guy is shouting, and the other guy is crashing/smashing, then it's rough.

Seriously, The Darkness is high quality. Supurb story, quite long, and by now no more than 20 dollars, I'm sure.

I didn't like it up until "He died as he lived, in a noisy car".
Almost everything after that was golden.

Maybe the reason it took so long to load is that he was taking the time to load 5 million shells into it up front, to avoid ever having to reload it again?

No? Well, it was a nice theory... ;)

"Now now, don't hang your head out the win- bet you're pretty embarrassed now."
That was great.

LMAO that was awesome, the last line had me cracking up.

This is on par with zero punctuation, if not better.
You have both had me laughing since lost planet, i doff my hat to you boys
*Doffs hat

I was thinking to myself about 4 minutes in that the tunnel was too long and then
"I doubt that there's a tunnel this long on Earth."
Truly Graham and Paul's most quotable lines were on the second half of the cutscene.
Nice Job

That was really good XD

That really was the longest tunnel on earth, my god.

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