Zero Punctuation: Skate 2

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Skate 2

This week Zero Punctuation breaks a few bones to review Skate 2.

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Oh god. Tea tray.
I giggled. Nice reference to Uncharted with the white supremacy bit.

EDIT: Also the opening was gone. Dun dun dun.

And hell, I laughed more at this review than the last six or so, so good job.

Funny as always.

breaking bones is the best thing in the game hehe

Wednesday at noon is the highlight of my week. I do not know if that's a complement for Yahtzee or a statement on how sad my life is.

No one forced me to review it...except you know professional obligations and shit...

Haha, awesome review ZP, one of my favourite and also favourite games, nice you can see that people can like it if they are good (me :D)

no stupid ad
no annoying samey intro that we've seen/heard a million times

"Do a late cockslap."

On a serious note, I've never seen him talk so little about the game he's reviewing... which is fine, since I watch it for the humor, but I felt like only 1.5 of those 4 minutes was actually about Skate 2.

Awesome! No intro!

Cool, no intro this time. Anyway skating games are to me all the bloody same. I'd rather just throw on that naked one that was released a few years ago and save myself the hassle.

What happened to the intro?? Anyways funny as fuck (if fuck can be considered funny :D)!

NO I AM NOT ON FIRE made my day ^^

No startup music? Oh well, like he said, this game is really for skateboarders, otherwise you really wouldn't have much of a clue of who the celebs are in the game, or know what the tricks you are supposed to be doing. I personally didn't enjoy this one quite as much as the first skate, but it wasn't without its splendor, a solid rent!

Am I the only one who didn't have an intro of sorts? It just... started?

Added venom today? Also no intro.

I like how Yahtzee's getting back into his old comedic ways, I've laughed a lot more at his 4 or 5 more recent reviews. Nice one!

That was fantastically funny, not so much in a laugh at loud way but in a almost trying to be mad at kids but really I know I have my own weird subculture way.

Not a bad review, but certainly weaker than last week - though part of that is because I'd never play this game for two reasons, 1) it's a skating game and 2) it's on the Playstation 3. I just wasn't into the topic and for the first minute or so he didn't seem to be either. I did appreciate his more critical point at the end of the review though as to who this game is intended for.

Also, and probably an issue that messed with my overall experience - where the hell is the opening music?

though the lack of an intro came as a nice unpleasant surprise

I hate kick-starts, also I didn't mind the lack of advertisment at the end.
Apart from that, nice one.

Uhm, the intro? Whatever, fun review anyways. Never heard of Skate 2 so really couldn't get too concerned about it.

That rofled my waffles!

"sixaxis to wave your willy around" brilliant

Never really got in to skate.

I agree though it's good they haven't dumbed it down, It's not a game
for me but it's nice to see something out there you have to actually learn
to be good at, most games now are so stupidly easy to play i've found myself
going back to nes games just to keep some interest.

oh yeh good review yahtzee's awesome etc.

Was the police siren in the background a boo boo or another jab skaters? You decide!

The no intro bit oddly threw me a bit...dunno why, just wasn't expecting to press play and go straight to review I guess.

YAY!!!!!!! no intro
great review as always, i love the reference to rockband (stuck on that same song too, 84% every time)

To be honest i was hoping for something a bit better, I still love it, but as its the first sporting game he has done I was hoping for some very funny jokes as for each genre a new type of humour is needed but besides mentioning how fiddly it was (which he has already done in other reviews) and talking about cops (a tangent of mirrors edge authority thing) it was all pretty bland. Having said that Im still waiting for the days he returns to his peak, like last weeks

I also find it funny that in a world revolving around skating the cops have absolutely nothing else better to do then chase you for having fun.

So Yahtzee is stuck on GGaHT too...

Was it supposed to not have an intro or was that just a fluke?

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