Zero Punctuation: Skate 2

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congratulations on having the only video game review in human history to reference Oliver Reed. Nicely done, sir.

Pretty much summed up how I view all skating games.

I thought my computer glitched and it skipped the intro but after reading the comments I guess not.

Anywho, I really liked this one, alot better than the last few actually. More about the game, less about the state of gameing today. Also this one was downright funny.

It's nice to know that Yahtzee at least understood what the developer was going for. We as gamers complain up and down that game companies make their games too "accessible" but then when a game comes out that unashamedly says "fans only, the rest of you can bugger off if you don't like it" reviewers tend to rip it to shreds. Moral of the story is that Skate 2 is in all likelihood going to be the Game of the Year for the sort of people who can tell you who won gold, silver, and bronze at the X Games but couldn't tell you who Tim Geithner is (and would probably have some trouble recognizing the name of Joe Biden.)

You know, I will admit I was a little worried about Zero Punctuation. It started with that thread that went up a while ago here that said Yahtzee was "Losing his edge" and I vehemently disagreed, but the last few videos were not as good as his best (though I still enjoyed them). This is a real return to form.

This is getting rather bland. It was accurate though.

Damn it, I loved the intro before! :(
Anyway - very funny review!

Well, I like most ZP episodes, but this one wasn't as funny as some others. I giggled a bit, though.

"circle to breathe and triangle to prosess oxygen"
Hehehe, LOVE these reviews!

My only complaint about this review, is that every issue he calls out (and even the ones the people in this thread have been pointing out) are all solved by simply pausing the game and looking at the pages of information on everything from terminology to exact steps to pull off every move in the game.

Tony Hawk is like an arcade game compared to the Skate series. I'm not even a fan of skateboarding but both Skate games have been tremendous fun to me. Most user friendly skating games ever made in fact. Also oneof the best sandbox types of games. the perfect thing to just kill a few hours on after work.

The controls are perfect too. Almost every major move starts with a flick of the analog stick, then a number of variables can be pulled off by pressing the shoulder buttons to grab and the face buttons to do things like kicks and such.

Haha, you knew he wasn't going to like this game as soon as you saw what it was. He didn't rag on it as much as I thought he would, but the humour was still very much present.

most skate games are pretty much the same. go here thrash on this.. go there chip a tooth or and castrate yourself on that..

I have never heard a more accurate portrayal of the entire skater sub-culture than Yahtzee's most recent rant.

Next Week- Goths
Coming Soon- Wannabe Blacks

yeah it was pretty good

And I forgot to quote again. Crap.


Awesome review. Now that you've brought it up (that Green Grass and High tides joke was amazing), would you PLEASE review Rock Band since you actually have it?

I don't think he'll bother, as in his Guitar Hero World Tour review he said "Get this game or Rock Band because it honestly doesn't matter."

But it actually seems like he's trying the game, because if you make it to Green Grass, then you've pretty much unlocked every necessary song in the game. He said he resolved to not buy another Harmonix product (for a badly explained reason) in his review on GHWT, yet here he is actually playing the game and making no mention of GHWT. He has looked back on previous reviews before, and he has done many comparisons within reviews.

And he'd rather play Rock Band than Skate 2 is what I'm saying. Gimme a break.

I liked this one more than most recent ones. It was an intelligent review equally comprised of flaming and opinion. Great work.

yes! no intro! can that shit! good review. i feel the same way about skate2 after playing the demo for all of ummm 15 minuets. now if it only had big tits in it then, ok, you got a great game!

Unfortunately my skating skill is such that if tony hawk broke his legs he would still be better than me at it :( and my Game-Skating is roughly the same, the way for me to earned 10,000 point in the game is to do 100 ollies and a grind . Oh well Good review Yahtzee, no matter the game-type.

I never thought Yahtzee would have taken an interest in sports/sim games.

So basically: "Skate 2 is only for people who are already 'onboard'- no pun intended."
So basically, this review told me what I already knew...albeit in a hilariously elaborate manner.

interesting game choice, but still good review

"Awesome jokes, no intro, no ad. Simply great" - Random asskisser

(Okey, random asskisser is me)

Great video, I thought it was better than your more recent ones, but those were still good enough to get a few girlish giggles out of me.

Great review, every single piece of skater lingo went right over my head. =P
I can see why you only got 400 though Yahtzee, curing all the worlds diseases isn't as cool as kissing a puppy. /comfort

BTW: Anyone else notice that like.. half the front page got reported?

Awesome, I have to say I enjoyed this one more than the last few.

"Six axis to shake your willy"

That made me laugh so hard.

I seem to be the only person who actually had the intro. Now I feel special

Nice, this review actually made me laugh out loud. I absolutely love Zero Punctuation, I've watched all the videos, and this is one of my favourite ones so far. It's not my favourite, though... That honour goes to the Guitar Hero review where he says something like "I'd rather put a razor wire down my throat, pull it out of my ass and floss myself to death." I also love the one where Yahtzee says something about removing part of his spine and eating his ass. LOL

Anyway, glad to see another great review. Most people like to make a big fuss over nothing - Yahtzee obviously has talent, but some reviews are going to be worse, and sometimes they'll be consistently worse. But you can expect that for any medium that lasts long enough.

Awesome video.

I think you managed to conjure up exactly how I feel about the whole "genre" of skating games and the general demographics that they are aimed at.

I think I'll go watch again soon.

I had to rewind just to get half of his jokes, and it appeared to have an enormous amount of venom while not really hating the game.

Or in short, awesome. Best ZP video in a while.

The best part was the amount of people that got banned in the comments.

Ive played one Tony Hawk game and that is the only time i have played a skating game. Still very funny.

Let me just say once again a great review. I loved it and it kept me laughing I can't relate to this one, cause I played the tony hawks which make tricks sometimes easier, except if the analog stick is slightly off or the time is really short to mash a whole bunch of buttons in order

There are actually two separate buttons for your legs? I'm all for having lots of control, but that seems crazy even to me.

I enjoyed some of the old Skater games from the past (like... the first Tony Hawk game on Playstation in the past), but once they hit all "GTA-esque openworld go wherever you want" I sort of lost interest. If psycho controls is the next step from there I'm even more afraid to try and play any of the newest ones now.

nice review i liked it

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