Unskippable: The Bouncer

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"You're parked inside."
"You're inside."

"Can these guys only travel by destroying property?"
Apparently. Also apparently they've never heard of doors. I mean come on, at least when Spider-Man goes through a window he opens it first.


What kind of game is this anyway? It's... well... really freakin' odd :D

It's a 3d brawler, great for multiplayer. It also has a few RPG-ish elements, i.e. a level-up system.

I believe the game was a PS2 launch title.

And it was crap.

This is one of the funniest videos I've watched in a long time.

its a little disheartening to see the people your about to play as get beaten by the random henchmen

Man its hard to watch what really represents the fall of Square soft.

LOL though I did love the kingdom hearts surprise wake up.

hey did anyone else notice that the volt guy has an anti cactuar badge on his jacket

Volt has the anti cactuar badge on his leather jacket sleeve and on his back with the word "No Escape" above it.

The guys behind final fantasy made this game. The character designs were done by Tetsuya Nomura and music by Noriko Matsueda and Takahito Eguchi.

This game didn't do well so they reused Sion likeness and made Sora for Kingdom hearts.

Kou is voiced by Steve Jay Blum and the main villain Dauragon C. Mikado is voiced by Richard Cansino.

Dauragon C. Mikado

I laughed the whole time. Very entertaining!

You guys are so much win, it's scary.

This is still probably your funniest episode.

"You can't park here!"
"oh yeah well i didnt see any signs"
"It's inside!"
"your inside"

By law every corporation depicted in a Japanese video game must be evil and possess its own high-tech paramilitary ninja death squads. If it's a fantasy setting, then just replace "corporation" with "religious organization."

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