190: Albert's Arcade

Albert's Arcade

The arcade scene in the United States has been slowly dying for years, but one man is trying to revive it - in his garage. Pat Miller speaks with Albert Carmona about Keystone II, the new Mecca for American Street Fighter players.

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wish I was there...

Good article.

Cool story bro. Very well written and wonderfully entertaining article. Write more, I'd love to read em if the Escapist will post em.

I would love to live near Keystone II. I will say that all my interactions with the Street Fighter community have been extremely positive, even though I'm only talking about the online players I encounter on SSF2THD Remix.

Cheers to him, I'm glad things are working out so far. Nothing like that (that I know of) here in New York, but I guess it comes with the territory.

The trouble with Arcades I think used to be the sheer cost of the machines, some running into tens of thousands, nowadays they really should be able to knock a SF4 machine out for say 1000 tops, I'd imagine.

With that kinda price, I would say they'd be more affordable to place in more locations, although of course they have to be in safe places or the screen will get stoved in by a chav who thinks the coloured lights on the screen is witchcraft and must smash all that he doesn't understand. (Which is everything).


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