Zero Punctuation: Fear 2

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Um, just wanted to say this review, and other recent ones, aren't 'British' enough.

I am dumbfounded - just dumbfounded, I can't critise you for the comment and my comedy recepticles are still trying to figure out if it is either tragically sad or just GOLD!!


The world would infact be worse without sequels. We woulddn't have battlefront two, halo's 2 or 3, the battle for middle earth two and oh yeah one of yahtzee's favorite games thief 2. Of course everyone here takes yahtzee's words like they were from the divine one himself my god think for yourselves people Jesus.

Didnt you hear him, he said it could be worthwhile to lose some good sequels.Wait, did you just say halo 2!?

Do Noby Noby Boy next. Pleeeeeeeeaaaaase.

Good review, but I have to say not all sequels are bad (Half-Life 2, GTA 3, etc) How about this, instead of no sequels just allow them to make one that way we don't have entire box sets of games like the friday the 13th or nightmare on elm street series.

Here is the problem with destroying sequels: Sequels are generally a low risk/moderate reward ratio. If everyone in the industry had to actually think, there would be a lot more gaming companies out of business; something they do not want (quite the opposite, really). Creating original, or innovative, games can absolutely make or break a company.

Frankly I'm partially surprised and relieved that Yahtzee thinks "so be it" to this issue. I agree that banning sequels would force gaming companies to actually think about what they are making but then again Half-life 2 was absolutely dynamic. Losing out to such a game would be a blow to the industry.

The thing is, with sequels, they are "intended" to improve on the game that they previously created. Yet most of the time we get games like Fear 2 here that end up like the Jason films, as Yahtzee so eloquently put it. It's called mainstream media and it's directly involved with the common man like you and me. As long as the common man picks up these games, mediocre gaming media will always exist.

In order to move away from these mainstream ideas, we need to be more critical of the games we play. We cannot simply say, "This game is a 4 out of 5." Instead, we need to point out the good AND the bad and focus less on, "well is it good or not?" The idea of, if something is good or not, is completely subjective. This is what Yahtzee tries to emphasize in his videos yet we still get people, even on this very thread, who say, "well did he like it, what was his score?"

The sign that flashes up with "Butterniway" written on it, is a photoshopped sign from outside my village, which is really creepy

No sequels? That's a double edge sword right there. What I mean is that maybe a developer would like to improve something upon its original game. But I can take confort in the fact that we wouldn't have the Dynasty Warriors series.




Foreign Shadow:

Is Yahtzee making a crack about console gamers there? If not, my bad, but if so....I bring to your attention, Mr. Croshaw: Exhibit A: Any console controller of the last four generations save the Wii. Exhibit B: The keyboard and mouse on your PC. Scientific control: Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. I am a console gamer because every game that I have ever played that has ever required real-time control of a character is a hundred times less aggravating and a thousand times more enjoyable playing it with a console controller than a PC set up.

Taste and familiarization with a certain control scheme is pretty much the direct opposite of scientific. Also, there is a reason most successful console FPS have some kind of aiming assistance.

Third-Person -> Controller?
First-Person -> K&M?

sounds solid to me

As I've said, it's mainly a matter of taste and familiarization, though many third person games on the PC suffer from the fate of broken console ports. I played the Sands of Time trilogy exclusively on the PC and when I wanted to do so on a friends PS2, I got frustrated really soon really bad. Mentioned friend had the reverse experience. Stating a game that "requires real-time control of a character" is more enjoyable on whatever platform as fact is utter BS. The only real difference can be found in FPS where a console has to compensate for you not sitting less then a meter away from the screen and the fine granularity of a mouse. But control wise, its tomayto, tomahto.

Edit: "game" is used here as a general term, as *specific* game can be better on a console or PC, depending on the implementation. See broken port (regardless of direction)

I didn't state platform, I stated control method ;)

But even so, you may be right. As I also know some people who actually prefer a controller for First Person games over a mouse because of, as you say, familiarization =) So even that 'only real difference' is actually tomaito

But I do love Rome: Total War

Good to see a return to form from Yahtzee

Here's the thing, Yahtzee's whole campaign is that: If you're going to try and make a game serious, you're going to have to answer the question, "why?" Why is there a company that tries to destroy the world? Why super soldiers? Why a kid? Why why why. Quite simply, if you want to create a serious game, you're going to have to answer thew question, "why?" It's called immersion.

A game like Fear 2 fails to do this. It gives you a sudo-serious scenario and tells you to "go at it." Now if something like immersion doesn't bother you, then go ahead and get the game. If you're looking for something with absolute substance though, you're going to have to look elsewhere.

By the way, have any of you ever tried to report Yahtzee? Sure since he's a news room contributer it wont suspend or ban him, but have any of you tried for laughs and giggles?

That idea of a world whitout sequels sounded amaizingly good.
Somebody, quick, make it happen.

Haha, i just thought of that too, but no i wont report him.
Theres realy no point or reason :P.

They....Did they seriously reduce their horror in this game to quick time events? I mean pop-ups are cheap enough, but QTE? That's just below the belt.

And children stopped being scary after The Omen and Village of the Damned

Great review! I loved the part about sequels. Although I'm a fan of some sequels I agree that games would have to be higher quality.

Best ZP in months! Yahtzee just needed a game with an appropriately stupid premise to dig into, and Fear 2 seems to have delivered.

A world without sequels 'eh?

Well that would fuckin' suck.

A world with no sequels... That would be a very weird and interesting place... Though I don't know what to make of that.

Yahtzee is right, FUCK GORGE LUCAS!!! stop try to milk the tits of "Star Wars" for every last milky goodness it has!

That's what happens when you strain the creative process through a shit-screen of industry, whose artistic ideals consist of
2 IF (NO) {
3..."GAME" == DESTROY,
4...Generate: REMAKE,
5...GOTO_[1], REPEAT;
7...//culls all possible creativity, frustrates gaming community//
9 IF (YES) {
12...GOTO_[1], REPEAT};
14 //ensures infinite moneys via circular logic//
16...//please note: deviation from the above protocol will be met . . . //
17...//with a severe frowny face, multiple expansion packs, and death//

Any FPS game suffers when it's made directly for consoles. And we PC gamers lose out because of the awful ports.

Bioshock was probably the only decent thing I can think of that came from consoles because I hear the control scheme on console is awful compared to a mouse & keyboard (win).

*thumbs up*

The thing is, most "gamers" don't want new games, new experiences, even if they say so most of them are lying. They just want to play the exact same thing over and over, change and innovation scare and right down paralyze them. Just go to any board and read how many people are asking for remakes of games that were made barely some years ago, just because they want to play them in HD graphics and what not.

So i'm sorry Yahtzee, but your idea of a world without sequels and remakes is impossible, more so in these days.

I don't mind shooters. Sometimes you have let it out.

Wait... how do you simplify a SHOOTER? You walk around and shoot. What happened to games like Quake where you start dying a lot when you start getting good?

Oh well, mech suit it is!

The review was good, but the part that really rang true for me was the end talk about banning sequels. My god, what an awesome world that would be to live in.

does anyone agree that the level design and controls were shit? (for the PC version anyway)

A world without sequels? Lucas Arts have to be creative again.

..since when was Lucas Arts creative? hah.

*Additional Yahtzee kissass comment & no sequel world good/bad remark*

I really liked FEAR2 and is not by any means a game you should avoid :)


A world without sequels? Lucas Arts have to be creative again.

..since when was Lucas Arts creative? hah.

Since Grim Fandango and Monkey Island? I don't know.

A world without sequels.... a world without 7 Days a Skeptic, Trilby's Notes and 6 Days a Sacrifice, am I right mister Croshaw ?

Hehe fought PS3 and Xbox fanboys at the same time.

I actually like the no squeal idea, in that alot of games have mysterious ending that gets you know where.

At less they should have planned squeals and know when to end the story so not to lead people on.

A world without sequels.... a world without 7 Days a Skeptic, Trilby's Notes and 6 Days a Sacrifice, am I right mister Croshaw ?

Nah, those are episodic adventures, totally different from sequels. Honest.

Lately I have really disliked the ZPs.
I thought part of the reason was because he was getting repetitive.
I just beat FEAR 2 yesterday, and I think I wouldn't have enjoyed the review near as much had I not beat the game.
Especially the end of today's ZP. I wouldn't have enjoyed that at all had I not beat FEAR 2.

All in all, this was the best ZP in a long time.

A world without sequels? Lucas Arts have to be creative again.

It would also have to be a world without star wars games.

I would be willing to allow sequels as long as: a) the developers have a story planned out ahead of time and the only reason they didn't do it in one game is because they couldn't fit it in one disk (but then again, Lost Odyssey had four). b) the developers don't wait more than five years (less if preferred) to come out with a sequel. But I am 100% on board with the "death penalty for remakes" portion.

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